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Woo hoo I checked in yesterday and was down 2.4lbs! Sweet! That makes it 5 total since I started. I’m so excited. I can see the difference already – in my face most especially. And my pants fit again – rather then being tight. Amazing how such a small loss can be such a big change.

I am doing great and finally starting to each planned meals vs eating a food here or there from the list. I plan on getting a cookbook soon but until then I’ve been eating the same group of foods. I don’t mind chicken though Chris is saying one day I’ll realize that I really don’t like it at all.

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I’ve done such a great job staying on track. I’m eating every two to three hours, the kids are eating healthier, we are all full and not snacking after dinner on anything bad (ie we aren’t eating *any* junk food!).

Until tonight. Tonight I had hershey kisses and wheat thins. Reduced fat wheat thins, but wheat thins nonetheless.

I did keep track of the servings (four kisses and six wheat thins) but after entering them into my food diary – wow! Eating that fast snack – that wasn’t that satisfying – I found out that it was more calories then my afternoon snack and dinner put together.

I veered off of my goal. So far my food diary has said I will lose between 1.7 and 2.0 pounds per week – but not today, today it said one pound. It’s very late but I’m going to drink at least a couple of glasses of water before going to sleep and drink more tomorrow AM. I’m checking in around lunch so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ve lost since last time.

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I did it, I joined earlier tonight. I figure I will enter my breakfast and lunch after lunch, then my exercise and dinner after dinner. I am still bummed that I gained that point two pounds the other day but according to that site, I should lose 1.7 pounds a week on the food plan I am on now. Which okay is going by calories, and LA doesn’t. LA goes by types of food and very little salt from what I can tell.

Check out the site here ~ MyFoodDiary ~ and sign up if you think it will work for you. I heard from a few people how it was working for them and figured why not. I am ready to lose the weight so I might as well do all that I can to ensure it comes off – and stays off!

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I had a check in today – I was up .2 pounds. :( That stinks – BUT it is not that much and tomorrow is a new day. I created an actual meal plan vs just picking and choosing foods. I know that will help as just eating whatever, without a plan, is not a good idea. I stopped by the grocery store and grabbed a bunch of fruits and veggies as that is what runs out the quickest.

On to tomorrow!!

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We should all have goals. I am a list maker so I have tons of lists with various goals ~ what I want to do in my life, this year, regarding work, with money, with a career, I could go on and on.

But I don’t have a list for losing weight. I know it is going to happen, it already is (woo hoo 2.8lbs!), and I’ll lose more.

And I’m putting this oh so cute purse on my list. I’m not sure where to put it. It isn’t clothes so it’s not like I will need it once I hit a certain size. It will be the most money I’ve spent on a purse though so it has to be a big goal. I’m going to make a list of rewards for myself – a list of goals I want to meet and what I will do once it is met.

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Yesterday’s appointment was great! I am down another 1.8 pounds, bringing the total to 2.8lbs since I started. That isn’t a lot and I admit I wish it were more, but it is a good start. I’m going to add working out on the elliptical to my walking and see how that goes. I know I need to be more active and I am feeling great on the little working out I have been doing so I’m sure it will be easy to do.

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I’m seriously nervous for my second check in. It is later this afternoon and what if I didn’t lose anything? What if I only lost one pound? It will be just about a full five days since my last weigh in. I have stuck to my plan except for dinner on Sunday night. I’m very disappointed in myself. I had a few chips, a handful of chex mix and ten more french fries then I should have had. :( But I went for a walk that night and ever since I’ve been drinking tons of water. Actually last night was the first time I didn’t walk in days. I felt weird. I’m not going to miss a day anymore.

Okay I’ll be back to report in!

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I’ve always tried to do meal planning for my family. It works well for our budget and I don’t like just eating whatever or wanting something but realizing it is frozen!

I haven’t done very well as meal planning for the past week or so. Ever since I started with LA Weight Loss basically. But tonight I am sitting down and planning our meals for the next week. I need to do this tonight because tomorrow I am doing my weekly shopping. I just recently decided to start shopping once a week – I need to since I need fresh fruits and veggies. I’m actually excited to do my planning!

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Last week I started LA Weight Loss. I am excited! I’m so ready to lose weight and just want to get going! Here is my story and I’m going to add my weight loss tracker soon. I’ve only seen the ones that are really long so I”ll have to figure something else out for my sidebar.

I’m down one pound so far. Hey, it’s a start!

I plan on using this blog to track my weight loss, talk about the changes I’ve made, how my family is right along side me, clothes, and more. I look forward to updating!

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