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There will be no more losing of the baby weight – more like gaining the baby weight.

We found out a couple of weeks ago that we are expecting another baby. A surprise baby as I’ve had an IUD for the past 3+ years, so for a baby to get past that is amazing. I had an ultrasound right away, and then again yesterday and the baby is fine, fast heartbeat, wiggly and all.

I lost a few pounds right around finding out – one sign I thought I was expecting as I couldn’t eat anything either from not being hungry or from food/smells making me sick. I lost 16 lbs on LA before finding out – and realized the other day that I can’t remember if I lost more. I stepped on the scale and found that I’ve lost 17lbs – but I think a couple of weeks ago I was actually down 21lbs. How odd to be so in touch with what I’ve lost all this time and not so anymore.

I admit that once the vitamin b6 the dr gave me for morning sickness (which I never experienced before!) kicked in, I was fine to eat whatever. Of course whatever sort of was ‘whatever’. I made the comment that wouldn’t it be nice if the baby craved junk food? Cheetos, chips and sub sandwiches? :) Of course that isn’t healthy and after a couple of days of eating bad (one day I felt like I had a lot of sugar – and I did, in the form of my kids fruit snacks), I’ve been back on track.

I need to start walking regularly, making sure I get plenty of water, and eating healthy. I am meeting with a nutritionist on Friday and am going to show them my LA plan and figure what I should add, more protein, etc. I put LA Weight Loss on hold and figure once the baby is born, eating healthy and breastfeeding will be a good jumpstart to losing weight again.

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