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Finally today I made one of the breakfast sandwiches I’ve been meaning to make forever now. And I only have two words to say – SO GOOD! I fried an egg on the stove, popped the english muffin into the toaster and grabbed our shredded cheese out of the fridge. A few brief minutes later and I was eating – and I’m going to make the same thing tomorrow but for everyone instead of just me. I have a bunch of english muffins and I’m debating making a bunch to throw in the freezer, they are so quick to make but then having them already made would eliminate the dishes I suppose.

Plus we have really been going through milk lately! I’m not sure what is going on with the kids but they are drinking a gallon a day or two days. I know you can freeze milk but I haven’t tried yet. It’s just as easy for Chris to swing by the store on the way home from work.

How do you snack? I am a muncher. I grabbed tortilla chips and salsa tonight, other nights it has been popcorn (sometimes with m&ms) but I do go healthy too, carrots and dip or celery and peanut butter. My Grandma used to just eat one chip or one handful of popcorn, just one of whatever. I’m sure she is still that way. But I never understood how you can have just one! I can have just one of a piece of good chocolate, but that’s about it.

Of course being a muncher isn’t the best habit to have, it reminds me of eating mindlessly, just eating for no reason, I mean I’m not always hungry, but it’s there. It is emotional eating sometimes, which isn’t good either. I’ve been doing great during the day, eating four small meals rather then snacking on something in the afternoon I have a small something healthy, then dinner. The kids and I have been eating four meals a day for a couple of weeks now, its working out great since they would be snackers otherwise!

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