I rarely go into the area of town where the LA Weight Loss Center I visit is located. It isn’t a bad area, I just don’t go. So imagine my complete surprise when we went last week and the center’s window had a large sign advertising business space.

That’s right – my LA Center is gone!

I am going to look on the website tomorrow and call around to see what the heck happened. They did have a very high turnover rate during the couple of months I was there, but geez, to close?

I wasn’t planning on calling until I knew where we were moving – okay I just realize what a dumb statement that is, I’ve known for a week! I guess I have a lot going on. Anyway, I bought the supplements and have at least half left. I’m hoping for either all the supplements at once (they like to give a weeks worth at a time) or half of my money back. I’ll keep you updated.

2 Responses to “A Closed Center”
  1. Tishia Lee says:

    Wow! It seems like they could of let the members know by calling or emailing or somehow contacting everyone. And I certainly hope you get some of your money back or something!

  2. Today I went to “pure weight loss” and found out they will be officially closed after Jan. 8, 2008. I’m pissed because if i did not go to the center today, I would of loss the bars that I paid for in bulk. I join LA Weight Loss a few years ago before I had my twins to loose a couple of pounds. I decided to join LA Weight loss again to loose my baby weight. This is unfair, that we as consumers spent our hard earn money on this expensive program without “pure weight loss” letting us know why they are being closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!