I was doing laundry this morning and in leaning up against the washer, I felt the hardness of the baby, the space she is taking up. Ever since my son was born I have slept on my stomach. I think it was because he was such a big baby. I bet I can’t sleep on my stomach anymore. I haven’t really been anyway, more like kind of on my side. I already need another pillow for putting under my leg so I can get comfortable.

I have another dr’s appointment next week, I actually don’t remember when so I need to call the clinic to double check. I am starting over today with my eating, I can’t be eating junk and I wonder if eating the sweets is part of what is causing me to crash and fall asleep in the afternoon? I had breakfast already and we have plans to go to the Y and library today. I figure I’ll take an apple and pb&j sandwich for the kids and I.

Actually I probably need to eat more then I have been. When I was following my LA plan I was eating quite a bit each day – and losing consistently. Obviously I don’t want to lose but I need to eat well, and I wonder what would happen if I picked up my LA plan again and kept doing it?

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