I had a dr’s appt today – everything is good. We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, around 160, much better! The last time we heard it, it was racing away at around 190. That had me panicked for a day or so, but I got over it. My weight is good, the dr said I should gain between 15 and 20 pounds total and I’m going to talk to the other dr I’ll be seeing as well. I did tell him I’ve been walking which he was happy about so I felt good. Now to make sure I get to the Y more then just twice a week!

I have been overheating lately, or at least what I think is overheating. Sometimes I just feel really hot and need the fan to hit me, other times it hits me and I overheat, then about five minutes later I sweat it all out. Not a pretty sight, trust me. I said well we are in the south and the dr didn’t have a reason for it. He said just to take care to dress cool and if I worry to give them a call. I haven’t looked it up but maybe I’m just overly hot this time around. When I was pregnant with my son, toward the end (when I was huge) I was always hot. I used to sleep on the couch, with the fan aimed in my direction, oh and the couch was next to an open window. Oh I was so hot. I was huge and it was summer in Washington, not typically a hot time but there are a few weeks in July where it gets hotter then usual.

It’s about time for new clothes. I can still fit my jeans but I’m doing that whole rubber band around the button and through the hole thing. Ugh maternity clothes already? This just isn’t fair! Chris laughed and said maybe I should just buy shorts with and elastic band and live in those. I have a couple of flowly shirts that look nice but maybe I should just wear tank tops all the time. Tank tops and elastic band shorts. What a sight!

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