I talked to my Mom who mentioned that her Dr. said vitamin B can give you hot flashes….which is just what my Dr. gave me for the morning sickness! And I’d like to know why she didn’t mention the hot flashes! I’ve had one every day or every other day – not that bad when you look at it I suppose, but annoying nonetheless. I’ve been able to skip taking the vitamin every other day this week which hopefully means I will be able to quit taking it all together pretty soon which means no more hot flashes! Just the regular heat and humidity.

Chris made chicken wings tonight – they were SO good! I was surprised I could eat them – when I was pregnant with the other two I couldn’t eat spicy or greasy foods. But the wings were too good! We also made steaks but I was too full to eat any more. Hopefully it will still taste good tomorrow when I reheat it!

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