My first Menu Plan Monday! I’m excited. I am an avid reader of “I’m an organizing junkie” and have been reading the menu plans on her site for quite a few weeks now. I figured I should jump right in!

Monday: Omelets w/ veggies and cheese
Tuesday: Teryaki chicken (low sodium sauce), veggies, rice
Wednesday: Chicken w/ one of the Ms. Dash seasonings, not sure on the sides yet
Thursday: Leftovers from lunch or dinner on the other days (or spaghetti – depending on what the husband wishes)
Friday: Enchiladas w/ homemade red sauce (a friend is sharing her recipe!) (or leftovers)

Take a look at


to see all the rest of the menus (and some recipes!) that were shared today.

3 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday – April 9”
  1. welcome to MPM! you’ll love it! have a great week!

  2. zoe says:

    Welcome welcome welcome to menu plan monday.
    Don’t stress if the week doesn’t go totally to plan, even if you only manage some of the meals you’ll still be better organised than with none planned right?

  3. Rona says:

    Welcome to Menu Plan Mondays! I change our meal plan every week. Some things just come up but at least I have a plan.