I know we’ve all had days where we just were not in the mood to watch what we ate. I did good for breakfast and had a couple of eggs and a toast – then I got to work on a new project and focused so much we didn’t have lunch until 1:30! The kids are good snackers though so they are never hungry. For dinner we had mac and cheese. :( I was so tired by that point I just wanted to sit on the couch. I haven’t even had eight glasses of water today, though I know I’m close.
Tomorrow I’m going to a workshop and hopefully will be able to stay away from fast food for lunch. I don’t consider Zaxby’s fast food – I know fried chicken and french fries are probably the original fast food – and oh it is SO good, we may give in.

It feels odd that Thanksgiving is next week! This year is very weird because we don’t have anyone coming over. Last year we had I think 19 people, including all the kids. I loved it. I couldn’t even say a prayer at the beginning because it was so overwhelming. It will be odd to just have us be here.

We have a full weekend ahead! My college roommate is going to be here Friday night, then the family is headed to Atlanta for the day while she goes to visit a friend, then Sunday she will probably stop back by on her way home. We are just a couple of hours away from each other but in two years have only visited twice! And they were both super short visits.

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