Earlier this week on Mom’s Morning Show someone said something about grocery shopping – forgive me, I am pretty sure it was Monday, but that’s all I remember!

We went grocery shopping this weekend. We shop at Costco and we all know that is bulk shopping. We don’t think we have the greatest storage in this house, but we do have a pantry so for food storage we have the fridge/freezer, pantry and another small freezer in the garage. I usually buy bread at the bread outlet so we store bread there as well as extra eggos and meat. You need extra storage if you shop at Costco – the toilet paper goes upstairs in a hall closet and maybe that’ll be my next picture because we have a lot, oh and paper towels, those are in the laundry room on a shelf.

So here is the pantry that could be a mini store. I used to get so annoyed that Chris wanted the shelves so stocked up – but last week our fridge got pretty bare and we were still able to cook entire meals. Even though I did it, I was still impressed. We also have a fair amount of seasonings so that helps spice things up.

And I’m very proud to say I stuck to my food plan exactly today! I had tuna the past three days for lunch and I’m definitely tired of that so tomorrow will have to be something new!

3 Responses to “Picture of Pantry”
  1. Andrea says:

    Yikes, now I see what you mean about trying to use it all up before the potential move. Wow! LOL. I know you don’t want to lose it but it would be appreciated by a food bank, that’s for sure.

  2. Tishia Lee says:

    Wowsers! You were right it does look like a mini store…LOL. Guess that’s a good thing but with the upcoming move that might not be so fun having to move all that food, if you decide to take it with you.

  3. Tsoniki says:

    Andrea, Yeah we figure a combo of donating and giving to or friends in the end.

    Tishia, Since we are driving at first I think we will take some of the dry/can stuff with us! But we’ll end up eating it so that’s okay. LOL