I finally bought maternity clothes – two pairs of shorts from Target. They are SO comfy and will hopefully last a bit. I tried on a bunch of shirts too but after finding a couple I kind of liked, I realized I don’t need any shirts just yet. I actually left Target, went to Ross’ and tried on maternity clothes there. I had to walk out because I only found a pair of capris and really I wanted the shorts a lot more. Thank goodness the two stores are close together!

Now all I have to do is keep my legs shaved, maybe I should try out something else. I wonder if the stuff I keep seeing Alyssa Milano in commercials for is any good? I am so wimpy when it comes to waxing and such.

2 Responses to “Purchased Shorts”
  1. Tishia says:

    “Now all I have to do is keep my legs shaved”. LOL!

    I guess that’s one good thing I don’t have to worry about because not all that often will you find me in a pair of shorts or capris and seems how I don’t have a husband to worry about touching my legs I can get away with doing it a lot less often than I should ;-) LOL.

    Glad you found some shorts you liked and that are comfy.

  2. Tsoniki says:

    Oh the shorts are SO comfy – I don’t even remember this during the other pregnancies!

    I decided to get my legs waxes so it’s no shaving for me! Which of course is going to drive me nuts in a matter of a few days. LOL