One of my pregnant ‘things’ when I was expecting Alice was anything I ate that was supposed to be cold, had to be really cold. As in if Chris was making us a salad he would make mine and put it in the fridge while making his – I just wanted it cold. My drinks had to be cold too, I always used a lot of ice but I had to use a straw because while I really wanted it to be cold, I had to use a straw because it bothered my teeth. I got over needing to eat my food cold, that was just a funny pregnancy quirk, but I still have to use a straw. The only time it really annoys me is when we go out to eat because once in a while the wait staff doesn’t bring straws and then I’m left waiting.

I received this sample of Biotene sensitive toothpaste and have been using it for the past few days. Biotene uses Potassium Nitrate with a patented ingredient called Enzyme LP3 Complex™ which helps heal rather then just mask the sensitivity. One thing that is just a preference of mine is the lack of frothiness this toothpaste has, something you may have to get used to. The taste is good, sort of like bubble gum but definitely not as sweet, sometimes toothpastes have an overbearing sweetness to them.

My teeth don’t bother me enough to bring it up with my dentist but I’m keeping this on hand because some days I wake up knowing they will bother me that day and other days I am fine.

2 Responses to “Teeth Sensitivity”
  1. Tishia Lee says:

    My teeth have always been sensitive so I’ve just ‘normally’ used sensodyne (sp?) toothpaste. Lately I haven’t been using it because it’s kind of gross and the taste was getting to me.

    And I’ve noticed that using toothpaste for sensitive teeth hasn’t helped me anyways so why use it? LOL.

  2. Tsoniki says:

    You should try this – it says it helps fix the problem not just mask it. I’ve used it a couple of times a week since I got it and I think it made a difference. My kids just used the straws up so I’ve been without those for a few days now!