I cracked. I broke. I ate popcorn with m&ms.

Creative Commons License photo credit: robertpaulyoung

I know, I know!

Yesterday was rough. I wrapped Christmas gifts*, hung out with the kids, did laundry – all the normal things one does during the day. Except I didn’t follow my diet plan. I ran out of bars and shakes so need to run to the store. Lame excuses. LAME!

I didn’t work out yesterday either. So it was flat out a loss. Today I am off to a better start! I ate breakfast (eggs and a piece of toast) and plan on taking Chris to work out with me. I definitely need a partner in this. My friend will be on vacation for another week or so and I feel that I will continue to struggle until she gets back.

I need to be able to do this on my own! Considering I love to make lists and be organized I think I will make a weekly food and workout chart. Then I can cross things off, plus have a grocery list to follow. Working out doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to do it.

*I hate that I am so late with Christmas this year. I am usually so prepared, so ready to send things out! This year not so, I just got my family’s gifts in the mail today. Sure priority mail and with luck they will get there in time, but Christmas happens at the same time every year! I should be ready! I’m not sure what happened this year. End of rant.

One Response to “I Cracked”
  1. Tishia Lee says:

    I think you need to cut yourself some slack. You ‘cheated’ so to speak. You didn’t exercise. But you got right back on track the next day…that’s huge. Don’t beat yourself up. Hang in there!