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We bought a bunch of ribs for Superbowl Sunday and ended up not cooking about half of them. I thought Chris put them in the freezer so when I realized they were in the fridge, I knew I had to cook them soon – and I’m not the one who uses the grill in this house!

A quick search and I found a super easy baked ribs recipe:

  • beef ribs – I used one slab that Chris bought, I’m not sure how many pounds they were
  • seasoning rub
  • bbq sauce
  • water

I cut the slab in half so it would fit in the pan I used – you can use a cookie sheet if you are careful to not spill the water but I used a cake pan because that made me feel better. I shook seasoning rub over both sides of the ribs but I’m not sure what good that did because I think I tasted more bbq sauce then the seasoning. Maybe I just can’t taste the differences! Pour about a half a cup of water in the cake pan.

Cook at 200 degrees for an hour, turn ribs over, cook another hour. After the two hours drain water and put the bbq sauce on them. I poured a little and spread it with a fork because I couldn’t find our bbq brush. Bake another thirty minutes at 400 degrees.


No pictures because after soccer practice we were all very hungry and ate them all up! I was shocked the kids ate that much but then again ribs don’t have that much meat on them.

Very good recipe and I love that it was just a few ingredients. We have another slab to cook and I am going to use this same recipe on them. Try the recipe and let me know what you think!

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