I’m not sure when I found out about WiiFit Moms but I know it was first on twitter – follow them at @wiimoms. I took more time today to look into the site so I could join the party they are hosting!

I do have the WiiFit (would you have answers for me?) and have yet to open it but I am going to soon. My husband is on vacation right now and any video game playing is taken over by him, so I may have to wait til he goes back to work. I plan on doing something on the WiiFit every day though, once I am able.

The Wii Fit Mommies has a whole network and fun things for you to do. You can join the forum and also participate in the first wiifit moms party which is tomorrow night at 8 eastern time on twitter. I’ve seen various parties happening on twitter using hashtags – my super simple explanation for hashtags is using the number/pound sign # with a word. In the case of the party for wiimoms the hashtag is going to be #wiimoms – so it’s easy to join, just post a tweet with the hashtag at the end! You can then find others posting on that same topic. There are also prizes you can win so check it out before the party!

Have you joined a support group online? Do you have an in person support group to help reach your fitness, health and weight loss goals? I always work better by working out with someone and hopefully online support will work just as well!

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