Over the weekend I was so excited and happy. According to my Wii Fit I had lost about four pounds over the past two weeks! I was thrilled! I didn’t get a chance to work out on Saturday but we were gone most of the day running errands or at my kids soccer games.

Getting to today – I picked Monday’s to do my official weigh ins – and I lost .5 pounds since last week.

Yes, just a half a pound – AGAIN!

Week Fourteen. Keeping fit.
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When you gain weight on the wii fit a menu pops up asking why you think you gained weight – late night snacking, no exercise, even I don’t know is an option. Personally, I think there needs to be an “I’m a woman” option.

Once again – it’s a loss! My weight slowly dropped every day, until it spiked up Sunday, then dropped again today. I know that next week I’ll see a bigger loss.

I was active every day. I did the free walk option and walked for a half hour every day. Most of the week I worked out for an hour, though there was a day when I only did 40 minutes. Today is the start of a new week and I started my new workout video.

I only lasted a half hour of the 45 minute video. I quit when I just couldn’t do it anymore. But it’s an advanced video so I figured I would end up having to stop. And that’s okay! I didn’t push myself too far to the point of getting hurt and I don’t feel discouraged. I feel like I did a half hour of a tough workout! I also did a few exercises on the wii fit.

This week I am going to keep a food diary. I have worked hard at not over eating, not having seconds, and not eating junk (oh yeah, I didn’t have any halloween pumpkins this week!) but I know I could be doing better if all I am losing if a half a pound. Yes I want to see weight loss slow because then it will stay off, but that’s just a little too slow for me.

As for my workouts, I am going to do the video and stick to walking. I am hoping to be able to do a half hour walking before my kids wake up and then do the workout video after they go to school. I know as time goes on I’ll get better at the video so I’m not concerned about quitting if I have to.

How is your weight loss journey going? Oh yeah I added a page to keep everything in one spot! Check out my journey.

2 Responses to “Plus Size Bloggers Weigh In: October 18”
  1. Way to go on the 1/2 pound loss Tsoniki. It’s a loss and you should be proud :-)
    Tishia – No More Plus Size´s last blog ..Sweat Sweat SweatMy ComLuv Profile

  2. sara says:

    Way to go. I’m all for celebrating the small 1/2 loss and the large 5+ loss. You worked out quite a bit and that is a success in and of itself. The scale is not our only judge – your working out is a positive for your weight and your heart. Here’s to next week.
    sara´s last blog ..A Sandwich named after my husband VEGAN tooMy ComLuv Profile