I’m doing just a quick update post today. I’ve been sick for the past few days and today’s been rough.

But I lost a pound!

I admit I’m starting to get frustrated that I’m losing weight so slowly. Since I’ve been sick I haven’t been eating that great and I didn’t work put for three days.

I’m hoping I get healthy soon, I’m thinking of a food plan so I’m able to ramp up the weight loss.

2 Responses to “Plus Size Bloggers Weigh In: October 25”
  1. I understand the frustration with SLOW weight loss! I do it myself! I average about 1 lb/week! I try to concentrate on the face that slow and steady wins the race! The weight coming off is going to stay off! I am learning to change my lifestyle to be healthy and I celebrate ALL successes on this journey, NOT just the scale!
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  2. You shouldn’t be frustrated (I know easier said than done). 1-2 lbs a week is a healthy weight loss! Celebrate the losses no matter how big or little they are. Don’t give up either! Just keep plugging away!
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