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I’ve finally had that jump that I’ve been waiting for!

I lost 2.5 pounds!!!

I woke up after a week of not working out. I’ve been really busy, I still have a cough that I just can’t shake at all, I haven’t felt like working out. That’s how it goes right? We get in a funk and resort to doing nothing.

But I still didn’t snack a lot, I didn’t eat late at night and I drank plenty of water. I think the only change was that I didn’t workout. I’m chalking the weight loss up to hormones (or lack of) and still eating well.

And hey, I’ll take whatever I can get to get me back into motion again. Today I worked out for 40 minutes, so I’m back on the right track. :)

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Just a quick check in this week. I’ve had a cough that I just can’t shake! I’ve been working on home remedies and I can tell it’s not turning into something worse, but it is certainly frustrating.

I gained .2 pounds.

I’m not concerned about a small gain at all. I’ve only been able to work out twice in the past week. I haven’t been eating all that well, though I’ve been sticking to not over eating & not snacking.

I’m getting back to daily workouts tomorrow. I hope my cough goes away soon!

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I’m doing just a quick update post today. I’ve been sick for the past few days and today’s been rough.

But I lost a pound!

I admit I’m starting to get frustrated that I’m losing weight so slowly. Since I’ve been sick I haven’t been eating that great and I didn’t work put for three days.

I’m hoping I get healthy soon, I’m thinking of a food plan so I’m able to ramp up the weight loss.

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Over the weekend I was so excited and happy. According to my Wii Fit I had lost about four pounds over the past two weeks! I was thrilled! I didn’t get a chance to work out on Saturday but we were gone most of the day running errands or at my kids soccer games.

Getting to today – I picked Monday’s to do my official weigh ins – and I lost .5 pounds since last week.

Yes, just a half a pound – AGAIN!

Week Fourteen. Keeping fit.
Creative Commons License photo credit: wenzday01

When you gain weight on the wii fit a menu pops up asking why you think you gained weight – late night snacking, no exercise, even I don’t know is an option. Personally, I think there needs to be an “I’m a woman” option.

Once again – it’s a loss! My weight slowly dropped every day, until it spiked up Sunday, then dropped again today. I know that next week I’ll see a bigger loss.

I was active every day. I did the free walk option and walked for a half hour every day. Most of the week I worked out for an hour, though there was a day when I only did 40 minutes. Today is the start of a new week and I started my new workout video.

I only lasted a half hour of the 45 minute video. I quit when I just couldn’t do it anymore. But it’s an advanced video so I figured I would end up having to stop. And that’s okay! I didn’t push myself too far to the point of getting hurt and I don’t feel discouraged. I feel like I did a half hour of a tough workout! I also did a few exercises on the wii fit.

This week I am going to keep a food diary. I have worked hard at not over eating, not having seconds, and not eating junk (oh yeah, I didn’t have any halloween pumpkins this week!) but I know I could be doing better if all I am losing if a half a pound. Yes I want to see weight loss slow because then it will stay off, but that’s just a little too slow for me.

As for my workouts, I am going to do the video and stick to walking. I am hoping to be able to do a half hour walking before my kids wake up and then do the workout video after they go to school. I know as time goes on I’ll get better at the video so I’m not concerned about quitting if I have to.

How is your weight loss journey going? Oh yeah I added a page to keep everything in one spot! Check out my journey.

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It’s been a week! I’ve lost… .5 pounds.


500 grams
Creative Commons License photo credit: ebotunes

That’s right, a half a pound! Here’s how I’m looking at it

* I haven’t gained weight!

* I did something every day! In my first post I said I would be active every day – and I was! Five of the seven days I was on the wii fit, in addition to whatever I did daily. Two other days I cleaned the house, played with the kids and walked around a lot.

* I did great with eating right for five of the seven days. I’m not sure why but Friday and Saturday were rough. And I really don’t know why! I didn’t feel like I was eating because of stress (which I’ve done in the past), I wasn’t eating just to have something to do. I do know that one thing was I bought pumpkin candies, the ones that are out in October. I love those! I know it is molded sugar, but they are good. I made the mistake of leaving the bag on the counter and every time I walked by I’d grab one. Well my house isn’t huge, so I walked by it a lot.

This week I am going to amp up my working out. Sure I was on the wii most of the week, but I plan on being on it for longer then before. I also ordered a workout video and once it gets here I will start on a new week and see what happens.

It looks like I’m taking this week by week – and that works for me! I don’t feel pressure, I don’t feel upset that I didn’t lose more, I’m not obsessivesly thinking about food. I worked out today and felt great, I ate well and drank plenty of water. All I have left to do today is not snack!

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How to lose five pounds in four days:

1. Get sick. Preferably by taking care of your sick kiddo for a few days in a row.

2. While taking care of your sick kiddo, have him bounce back as though he has fully recovered and it’s okay to go to the soccer game. Where it downpours rain and sleet. And then his sickness comes raging back.

3. Have the sickness overrun your family, they are too sick to eat so little food is cooked, everyone just snacks, if they can even swallow.

4. Drink lots of water because you are nursing your baby and have to at least attempt to keep the breastmilk supply up.

5. Eat at least one meal a day, however small it is.

6. Jump on the scale on the morning of day 4 – BAM 5 pounds gone!

7. In the afternoon of day 4 realize you are almost recovered. What adds to this realization is your stomach growling LOUDLY multiple times in an hour. Eat whatever is around because hey, you just lost five pounds!

*Obviously none of this is recommended – however, it is what I went through this past week!

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Creative Commons License photo credit: teachingsagittarian

A disappointing thing to report – over the past two weeks I’ve gained three and a half pounds. But I’m not letting that get me down!

I’m back to working out and I’ve set some new goals:

* work out every day for the month of April (so far, so good!)

* no snacking after 8PM – not really that hard for me actually, but I’ve slipped up more then I like lately

* pay closer attention to my water intake – usually I do great at drinking enough water, and with nursing as well this is important for me to get back on track with

I look forward to checking in next week with a weight LOSS!

How did you do for the week?

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Yay I gained no weight! But I also lost no weight!

I’ll take that as a win. ;)

Mom and I restarted south beach, stage one, on Monday. I just felt off since going to stage two. I’m not sure if it was the reintroduction of bread or that I had more sugar or what, but I didn’t feel right. I felt fat (probably more like bloated) and uncomfortable.

After just one day, basically by Monday evening, I felt fine! Maybe it was eating different food for that day, maybe it was drinking a lot of water, maybe it was just psychological. Whatever it was, I’ll take it!

Adding to the mix of not being able to exercise nearly as much as I want, my allergies have kicked in. By late afternoon my voice is starting to be gone, my throat hurts and I’m coughing more. I started taking my medicine but it’s still bothering me. It feels like I’m losing my voice – which I’m sure my kids are slightly happy about (ha!) – but by morning I’m fine again.

I’m looking forward to a weight loss next week!

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I’m not sure of my weight loss over the past week.

Because I’m not getting on the scale.

Stage one of South Beach was awesome! Mom and I both did great. And then stage two started and after just one day it felt crazy and out of control. And even though I was adding more food, or rather a wider variety not a greater quantity, I felt like I was starving. I just kept eating and eating! It was not fun for me.

Sunday we had an Oscars party and invited friends over. We made some really great tasting foods:

~ figs stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped with prosciutto – this may sound odd, but seriously – SO good! I wasn’t sure how a fig would taste – until Mom said “you like fig newtons right?” and yep, I do. We have leftovers and will probably make more this weekend.

Bacon Wrapped Figs
Creative Commons License photo credit: professor evil
(this pic shows bacon, which looks just as good!)

~ baby pigs in a blanket – which were smokies wrapped with crescent bread. Super easy to do, fantastic to eat.

~ stuffed mushrooms – simply cheese mixed with the mushroom stems chopped up

~ beans and sausage in the crockpot – this was the main dish we found in a “Casseroles, Slow Cooker & Soups” magazine.

~ cornbread – followed the recipe on the back of the box!

We also had no-fat brownies (bought at Trader Joe’s!) – and if these were the only brownies I would be allowed for the rest of my life, I would be completely okay with that. They were gooey and delicious and really, it’s amazing they are non-fat – and chocolate covered strawberries.

Mom and I went for a quick walk so we wouldn’t feel bad eating a few of the snacks that evening, but Monday I still felt like I had been out of control. I felt like I ate too much, didn’t drink enough water, it just wasn’t fun. I blamed the food I ate, the types of food I ate considering I hadn’t been eating anything like it for so long.

So we sort of started over with stage one. Sort of because we did lose weight, but for whatever reason, going to stage two was crazy for us, but not eating any bread at all probably would have drove us just as crazy.

Thus I’m not sure of my weight and I’m not getting on the scale until next Wednesday. Then it will be two weeks from my last scale check. The new clothes I bought are not tight, my jeans are still fitting (or actually, they are kinda loose!) and I’m still drinking lots of water. It was the out of control feeling that brought me to being okay not jumping on the scale. Sure I care about the number, but I care more about how clothes fit. I still have a gift card my Dad gave me for Christmas to buy new clothes with!

I really don’t think I gained anything, so I’m going to say I stayed the same. Next week I’ll have a number to report. How’s your weight loss going?

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Yesterday was my weigh in after Stage 1 on South Beach. I didn’t weigh myself when we started, so I am going off of what I weighed after I came home from the hospital with JW.

I lost 7 pounds!

Creative Commons License photo credit: jaysalikin

Today started stage 2. And today I was starving! Tonight we are having a cookout on the beach, bonfire and all. Maybe being outside with everyone will help curb whatever pretend starving I have going on. I’m not hungry, I eat enough to be full, so I think it’s the whole now I can have some carbs subconsciously getting to me! That has to be it.

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