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This may to TMI for some people, but what the heck. Knowledge is power. :D

Those of us who had the pleasure of relying on an IUD for birth control, may have experienced the side effect of never having your time* each month. I was one of those. During the three plus years I had an IUD, I may have only had my time once a year. It was very odd at first but something you get used to – and then start to take for granted.

A couple of weeks ago when my time was here, I was left with little in the house to actually use. This meant a shopping trip for various female necessities – necessities I hadn’t shopped for in years. So I take the kids to Target and end up standing in the aisle for at least five minutes ~ I had no idea what to buy! The packaging has all changed and everything has new names. Finally I just had to pick something as I knew I was standing there for way too long.

Lesson to everyone – be prepared! Especially if you used a birth control that stopped such things!

*Disclaimer – I’ve never liked calling a woman’s time of the month a ‘period’ – I don’t know why, it just irritates me. I also don’t like listening to other women complain about their time – yes cramps suck but your time is a gift, you get to create life. I’m not an airy fairy kind of person, but it is just the truth. Women are powerful people and yet we pick to complain about it. I’ve also heard it called your moon, which I switch with ‘time’ often enough.

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Earlier this week on Mom’s Morning Show someone said something about grocery shopping – forgive me, I am pretty sure it was Monday, but that’s all I remember!

We went grocery shopping this weekend. We shop at Costco and we all know that is bulk shopping. We don’t think we have the greatest storage in this house, but we do have a pantry so for food storage we have the fridge/freezer, pantry and another small freezer in the garage. I usually buy bread at the bread outlet so we store bread there as well as extra eggos and meat. You need extra storage if you shop at Costco – the toilet paper goes upstairs in a hall closet and maybe that’ll be my next picture because we have a lot, oh and paper towels, those are in the laundry room on a shelf.

So here is the pantry that could be a mini store. I used to get so annoyed that Chris wanted the shelves so stocked up – but last week our fridge got pretty bare and we were still able to cook entire meals. Even though I did it, I was still impressed. We also have a fair amount of seasonings so that helps spice things up.

And I’m very proud to say I stuck to my food plan exactly today! I had tuna the past three days for lunch and I’m definitely tired of that so tomorrow will have to be something new!

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I’ve been amazed that we have had meals the past few days – the fridge was empty. Empty as in we were down to a half gallon of milk, mozzeralla cheese, celery, carrots, and condiments. Maybe there was a couple other things, but I don’t think so. But we still had meals because of our very well stocked freezer and pantry! The chicken in the crockpot the other night? All from the freezer/pantry. Don’t tell Chris but he was right about keeping them stocked up!

So today we went grocery shopping and the fridge is full and the pantry and freezer are looking like mini-stores again. I don’t really mind because it does get eaten but with us possibly moving soon (I know, I haven’t said anything! I will soon, I promise) I wonder what to do with it. When we moved the last time we just ate what we had and right before we left we gave our can food to a friend. This time we could be looking at A LOT of food left over. I am just thinking of the money side of it – we spent so much buying all of it, having it left would be a waste of money. Who cares if we would eat it, I have no idea if they will move it for us though I am sure if they did it would keep.

I have to stop thinking about the money. Moving is stressful enough without thinking about non-moving related things! This move will be so different then the last.

Of course we could just have a big going away party and eat it all.

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I finally bought maternity clothes – two pairs of shorts from Target. They are SO comfy and will hopefully last a bit. I tried on a bunch of shirts too but after finding a couple I kind of liked, I realized I don’t need any shirts just yet. I actually left Target, went to Ross’ and tried on maternity clothes there. I had to walk out because I only found a pair of capris and really I wanted the shorts a lot more. Thank goodness the two stores are close together!

Now all I have to do is keep my legs shaved, maybe I should try out something else. I wonder if the stuff I keep seeing Alyssa Milano in commercials for is any good? I am so wimpy when it comes to waxing and such.

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Since we have been grocery shopping every week to ten days I can’t wait until the area farmer’s markets open up. Of course they are starting to open now and since we are still relatively new to the area, I wanted to find as many as possible so I could make a trip and find which one I like the best.

Enter the new farm website – complete with searching by zip code! I found an organic farmer, his website and it also said hey I sell at your local farmers market – which was great because it also linked to my local market, one of which is downtown (30 or so minutes) vs 15 minutes away. That is okay with me, taking a trip downtown to go shopping and have a picnic would be great to do every week. Completely fresh veggies here I come!

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I did it, I joined earlier tonight. I figure I will enter my breakfast and lunch after lunch, then my exercise and dinner after dinner. I am still bummed that I gained that point two pounds the other day but according to that site, I should lose 1.7 pounds a week on the food plan I am on now. Which okay is going by calories, and LA doesn’t. LA goes by types of food and very little salt from what I can tell.

Check out the site here ~ MyFoodDiary ~ and sign up if you think it will work for you. I heard from a few people how it was working for them and figured why not. I am ready to lose the weight so I might as well do all that I can to ensure it comes off – and stays off!

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