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It’s been almost a week since Kelly at Mom’s Talk Network started her “48 Days to a Better Me” campaign. It is a great idea and though I am a few days late joining, I’m in!

My goals are to

  • exercise daily for at least 20 minutes
  • drink all the water I am supposed to
  • No pop – easy since I rarely have any anyway
  • less junk food tapering down to no junk food – we have lots of gettogethers where there are chips and dip, bean dip, etc., no junk food at home is one thing, no junk anywhere else gets slightly tougher

I’ve been doing great on my own with the goals. I started out the new year with the intent to exercise every day and I haven’t been able to stick to that, so I’ve been making sure to get up and just do it! I’ve been working out every morning while the kids are sleeping for the past six days. I look forward to continuing this and losing some weight.

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