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I’ve been struggling for the past week or so with sticking to my goal. Every day I wake up and my goal is to stay on track for the day. Every week my goal is to have lost when I go to check in at my center. I haven’t made any large goals yet. I did get back down a size and got my figure back – I’ve always been curvy, but I’ve also always had a hourglass figure. And just this week I realized it is back.

I’ve only bought one pair of pants in this size, my older ones are baggy on me and that’s okay for now. I don’t seem to be losing as fast as others that I know which is disappointing – but I also am not doing all that I can.

Last weekend was not a good eating weekend. I had chocolate, popcorn and chili. I need to get a cookbook that I can use on this plan as I am still eating the same foods, prepared virtually the same way, every day.

But this week (up until today) has been great. I know I’ve lost weight and I am excited again. I think it is hard to stay excited when you are eating the same foods so I am definitely buying that cookbook.

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Since we have been grocery shopping every week to ten days I can’t wait until the area farmer’s markets open up. Of course they are starting to open now and since we are still relatively new to the area, I wanted to find as many as possible so I could make a trip and find which one I like the best.

Enter the new farm website – complete with searching by zip code! I found an organic farmer, his website and it also said hey I sell at your local farmers market – which was great because it also linked to my local market, one of which is downtown (30 or so minutes) vs 15 minutes away. That is okay with me, taking a trip downtown to go shopping and have a picnic would be great to do every week. Completely fresh veggies here I come!

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My first Menu Plan Monday! I’m excited. I am an avid reader of “I’m an organizing junkie” and have been reading the menu plans on her site for quite a few weeks now. I figured I should jump right in!

Monday: Omelets w/ veggies and cheese
Tuesday: Teryaki chicken (low sodium sauce), veggies, rice
Wednesday: Chicken w/ one of the Ms. Dash seasonings, not sure on the sides yet
Thursday: Leftovers from lunch or dinner on the other days (or spaghetti – depending on what the husband wishes)
Friday: Enchiladas w/ homemade red sauce (a friend is sharing her recipe!) (or leftovers)

Take a look at


to see all the rest of the menus (and some recipes!) that were shared today.

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Being on the LA weight loss plan means you only eat certain amounts of certain foods. I’ve been sticking to the same foods over and over again. I’m okay with that, it’s easy to fix, it tastes good and it’s fresh food. The farmers markets in the area have started and I can’t wait to go shopping.

But over the weekend I did bad. I didn’t stay on plan and didn’t get any exercise – well according to (LOVING that resource!) I exercised off 605 calories yesterday by doing two hours of vigorous housework. We power cleaned the house yesterday after the plans were changed from going to the park with friends to everyone coming to our house.

Not staying on the food plan was so not a good idea. I feel groggy today, my sleep schedule wasn’t normal and I know I will pay for it on the scale. I’m drinking tons of water today to hopefully help combat the salty foods I ate yesterday.

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I’ve lost 10 lbs so far!

I’m down a size! I am fitting my old jeans and when I bought a new pair last week they fit, even were a tiny bit big. I’m excited. I’m so completely exciting I barely have the words to say it all. This is the old me. This is the me from a year ago, the me from after having two kids, from being comfortable with my body.

I feel great. I have more energy, my body is back on track sleep wise and I just overall am amazed at the change with such a little loss.

I can’t wait to see what happens now. What is next? Will I really be able to lose 10 more pounds in another five or so weeks? I’m sure I can, I know I can.

My Mom is coming to visit toward the end of May, I wonder what size I’ll be in when she arrives?

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