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I really have to think about exact moments of the other pregnancies to realize if whatever I’m feeling or thinking is normal or different and I’ve even looked it up online to see if it is normal. I’m surprised at all that I have forgotten!

I am wondering when I’ll start to show, already being a bit chubby doesn’t help. And it stinks that my pants aren’t so comfortable anymore but I don’t feel like I’m showing, or not showing enough anyway, to warrant maternity clothes. I realized just last night that I really can’t sleep on my stomach anymore, which I am SO going to miss. I remember really really wanting to sleep on my stomach when I was pregnant with Jake and I was so huge.

And I think I’m annoyed that the pregnant symptoms are running crazy through my body. I’m still tired but not every day and not as tired and I’m getting up in the middle of the night already! That’s very annoying though I am able to fall right back to sleep after a trip to the bathroom. A few weeks ago if I woke up, that was it, I was up! Thank goodness that little phase has ended.

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I talked to my Mom who mentioned that her Dr. said vitamin B can give you hot flashes….which is just what my Dr. gave me for the morning sickness! And I’d like to know why she didn’t mention the hot flashes! I’ve had one every day or every other day – not that bad when you look at it I suppose, but annoying nonetheless. I’ve been able to skip taking the vitamin every other day this week which hopefully means I will be able to quit taking it all together pretty soon which means no more hot flashes! Just the regular heat and humidity.

Chris made chicken wings tonight – they were SO good! I was surprised I could eat them – when I was pregnant with the other two I couldn’t eat spicy or greasy foods. But the wings were too good! We also made steaks but I was too full to eat any more. Hopefully it will still taste good tomorrow when I reheat it!

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I had a dr’s appt today – everything is good. We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, around 160, much better! The last time we heard it, it was racing away at around 190. That had me panicked for a day or so, but I got over it. My weight is good, the dr said I should gain between 15 and 20 pounds total and I’m going to talk to the other dr I’ll be seeing as well. I did tell him I’ve been walking which he was happy about so I felt good. Now to make sure I get to the Y more then just twice a week!

I have been overheating lately, or at least what I think is overheating. Sometimes I just feel really hot and need the fan to hit me, other times it hits me and I overheat, then about five minutes later I sweat it all out. Not a pretty sight, trust me. I said well we are in the south and the dr didn’t have a reason for it. He said just to take care to dress cool and if I worry to give them a call. I haven’t looked it up but maybe I’m just overly hot this time around. When I was pregnant with my son, toward the end (when I was huge) I was always hot. I used to sleep on the couch, with the fan aimed in my direction, oh and the couch was next to an open window. Oh I was so hot. I was huge and it was summer in Washington, not typically a hot time but there are a few weeks in July where it gets hotter then usual.

It’s about time for new clothes. I can still fit my jeans but I’m doing that whole rubber band around the button and through the hole thing. Ugh maternity clothes already? This just isn’t fair! Chris laughed and said maybe I should just buy shorts with and elastic band and live in those. I have a couple of flowly shirts that look nice but maybe I should just wear tank tops all the time. Tank tops and elastic band shorts. What a sight!

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The Y keeps me from working out! Yes I blame them. We went the other day and the pool was closed. Chris decided to alternate between running (while I walk) and doing the machines (which I’m not interested in, but I’ve used a couple of times or I just visit him). We went again today and the pool was closed *plus* all of the treadmills were all being used. That was the first time that happened though so hopefully it was a one time deal. We ended up on the machines and did a few exercises. I can’t wait until I can take advantage of six sessions with a personal trainer, they let us both put our sessions on hold until we were ready for them.

We are trying to get to the Y every day but that hasn’t worked out so well – I got really sick around noon a couple of days in a row (right when we were getting ready to leave) but (knock on wood) that hasn’t happened for a day or two.

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I was doing laundry this morning and in leaning up against the washer, I felt the hardness of the baby, the space she is taking up. Ever since my son was born I have slept on my stomach. I think it was because he was such a big baby. I bet I can’t sleep on my stomach anymore. I haven’t really been anyway, more like kind of on my side. I already need another pillow for putting under my leg so I can get comfortable.

I have another dr’s appointment next week, I actually don’t remember when so I need to call the clinic to double check. I am starting over today with my eating, I can’t be eating junk and I wonder if eating the sweets is part of what is causing me to crash and fall asleep in the afternoon? I had breakfast already and we have plans to go to the Y and library today. I figure I’ll take an apple and pb&j sandwich for the kids and I.

Actually I probably need to eat more then I have been. When I was following my LA plan I was eating quite a bit each day – and losing consistently. Obviously I don’t want to lose but I need to eat well, and I wonder what would happen if I picked up my LA plan again and kept doing it?

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It has been so hard to stick to eating healthy. I can start out fine in the morning, and most of the time for lunch. But by the time the afternoon comes around I want something dessert’y, something chocolate, something sweet. I need to find alternate snacks, so far I’ve had brownies, chocolate and those 100 calorie snacks. Then of course that messes up dinner and I’m not in the mood to cook or eat. Today I did great, I ate a snack but also ate dinner. Of course after dinner I had a piece of ice cream cake!

I’m interested in once a month cooking. I love the idea of spending a day of cooking and getting a bunch of meals ready. I went to a Dream Dinners that did just that – they set up stations and  you get the food ready in freezer ready containers. I did it a couple of times but after that it wasn’t worth it for me – my husband really eats a lot of food. If he were gone, working, I think it would be fine for just the kids and I. So cooking for a month – or even two weeks – at a time seems like a good way to go. Especially on days when I don’t feel like cooking, when it is too hot out, when we are starving and don’t want to take the time to cook, etc.

I looked for a book at the library, but amazingly enough they didn’t have even one cookbook geared toward once a month cooking! I plan on asking a librarian the next time, but I doubt I’ll find one. I can’t wait to do this and might even have a friend come over to have her do cooking for her family. We’ve talked about it before and I’m sure doing it as a team would make it go faster.

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This baby is sucking the energy from me! I think I need to find foods that will give me more energy and eat those. Or eat more during the day or something.

Today I woke up, took my vitamin – I don’t have full blow morning sickness but feel woozy/wobbly/weird – when I first wake up, unless I take it. I am usually awake for 45 minutes to an hour and then I feel okay enough to eat. After breakfast I did laundry and tried to entertain the kids. :) We hit the Y as a family but the pool was closed – which I guess was okay because Chris had to get to work! I did get in a 20 minute walk on the treadmill so at least something. The kids and I headed to the library where I realized I was starving! We just went grocery shopping so I didn’t want to go through a drive through and once we got home I had a banana and a pb&j sandwich.

After eating I just couldn’t stay awake. Luckily for me the kids were tired too so we all took a nap – a long nap. We didn’t wake up until 9PM and eating that late is always hard. Well, actually it’s the eating after waking up after a long nap that is hard! The kids wanted cereal and I have yet to figure out what to make for Chris to have when he gets home. He requested dinner be something to eat tonight and also have enough leftovers to take for lunch tomorrow. I might just have to leave him a note to eat the leftovers we have and then I’ll make him something tomorrow to take with him.

I’m amazed at how I can go for days and have lots of energy and then other days I’m just wiped out. I also wonder if this has something to do with the prenatal vitamin I take. I admit I don’t take it every day. It seems that when I do take it I end up feeling sick that day. Like sick that the other vitamin doesn’t take away. It’s very odd.

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I finally looked up exercising while pregnant and after reading a few articles, it started coming back to me. Important points to remember:

  • Don’t overheat
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Remember your center of balance will be off so be careful as to which exercises you do
  • Walking and yoga are highly recommended as they are relatively easy and you can still get your heartrate up to fitness level

I didn’t exercise regularly before getting pregnant, no had I with my other kids, so these reminders are good. We went to the Y again today and I stuck with walking for 20 minutes (3mph, which is one mile) and then the pool afterward. We are taking tomorrow as a resting day since we have gone three days in a row.

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We went to the Y again this afternoon – I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, going 3mph most of the time though I did run for about a minute. Once I was done on the treadmill, Chris and I swam for about an hour. I didn’t get a chance to try out the water aerobics class as it was this evening and we were done working out. Plus there is a limit as to how long we can leave the kids in the child care room!

I feel great. I’m tired and going to bed early tonight, but not like I’m going to bed at 4PM like I did last week. ;) I need to read up more on exercising while pregnant!

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Last week we joined the Y – and wow it was about time! We drive by it all the time, it’s on the way to town (ie gymnastics for the kids, Target, any restaurant, etc.), and talked about joining several times over the past year and a half. Finally we got around to it last week – since Chris stopped smoking and drinking coffee he’s felt the need to work out to help him get past it. Plus the added benefit of getting in shape and being healthy!

I am going to start attending water aerobics sometime this week. They offer several classes a week so with luck I can go at least twice a week. Yesterday when we worked out I was on the treadmill for about 20 minutes and then in the water for about an hour. I never exercised while pregnant with the other kids so I hope this makes a difference. I’m not looking to lose weight but I know being in better shape will help when labor comes.

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