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I still haven’t shaved my legs – so it’s been two weeks! I haven’t measured my hair again LOL but I’m calling tomorrow for an appointment and hopefully can get in this weekend. I know they are busy and I’ve been told to call a week in advance, but I wonder if that is for a facial or makeup? Cross your fingers I’ll have luck!

And where did I chicken out? In wearing shorts to run my errands! It’s warm today and I started out in shorts and a tshirt. Then I changed my shirt. Then I put jeans on (and used the ever so helpful rubberband to close them).

Last night Chris said you couldn’t really tell anyway, but I feel like you can, which is of course more important. ;) So we went to Costco and the library and I didn’t overheat even though I wore jeans.

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So much for eating lots better! I made mint patties – basically powdered sugar, corn syrup and butter. So basically sugar! Well, peppermint flavored sugar.

My Mom used to make them at Christmas time and last week I really wanted one. We didn’t have corn syrup so I waited until I went to the store and finally made them today. I colored them red (well, pink really) and they tasted SO good! I had a bite when I was making them into balls and then again when I squished them with forks…and then a couple more since then. I know I can’t eat a bunch – talk about sugar rush. When I ate them earlier, I sat down on the couch and I swear I felt fluttering around. I think the baby is 4 1/2 inches long now and it’s early, but I swear I feel her move. She must have been buzzing. Of course I know the same amount doesn’t go into the baby, but still.

I love staying home with the kids if only for being able to make whatever I want whenever I want it. I think I was sort of craving mint stuff the past couple of weeks – I made mint chocolates back then. But it doesn’t feel like a real craving – like when I was pregnant before I only had one craving with one baby, so I know this isn’t real pregnant cravings.

But they are so good! I love these and they remind me of my Mom. I’ve been having “I really miss my family and friends” days lately and I think cooking helps.

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My legs look like little forests. Okay, not nearly that bad – but geez! I haven’t shaved my legs for a week (a week tomorrow) and tonight I whipped out the ruler to measure. The brochure I got from the spa says your hair should be grown out 1/4 of an inch – which is just SO long! In the past week my hair has grown to 1/8 of an inch. Which seems so little once it is actually measured! (And really, measuring your leg hair? Too funny!)

I was planning on getting my legs waxed next week sometime and I don’t think I need to call to far in advance for an appointment. One problem is going to be the kids – I doubt they can come with me but my sort of regular sitter lives about a half hour away while the spa is 10 minutes away. Maybe I’ll ask my neighbor, one of her kids will be away at camp.

I’m nervous though! I’ve read up a bit and most people are saying their hair doesn’t grow back for up to a month – but do I want to pay every month or two to get my legs waxed? As the baby gets bigger, yeah I’m sure I will love not having to shave. Especially since it is still hot here for a few more months, at least.  And of course nervous because of the pain. I’ve only ever waxed my eyebrows a handful of time and not for a few years so this is definitely a change!

Any tips? Anyone waxed their legs and loved it? Didn’t like it? Go regularly? Went once and stayed away?

I’m off to check what pain meds I can take before hand – my memory with this baby is so bad! I can’t remember what I’m allowed to take.

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I had a doctors appointment this morning – everything is good! We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, holding steady in the high 150s to low 160s, and did a mini overall checkup of me, listening to heart, lungs, etc. The kids were with me and behaved pretty good considering they only had one chair to share. Everything is going good with me and the baby – other then me gaining three pounds in a month. I’m really not happy with that and plan on upping my water intake and exercising more. I think the kids and I will go to the Y every day and then the library, that will give us something to do before starting the scheduled school year. Chris started his new shift at work today, putting him at being gone for 14 hours a day. We definitely need to find more to occupy our time!

I really didn’t want to gain a lot of weight with this baby but I’m only seven pounds away from getting back to where I was when I joined LA Weight Loss! I’m sure I need to eat more food, part of what surprised me about LA was the eating a lot more then what I was used to, and even less junk then what I’m having. I try hard not to eat junk and it’s probably time to go back to just not buying any. We don’t have a lot in the house, but even that little bit is temping.

I don’t have another baby appointment until the very end of August now, that will be the ultrasound to check on the baby’s anatomy and then a quick check in with the doctor. I’m hoping Chris will be able to get the day off – the ultrasound tech here doesn’t mind having family in the room with you and he hasn’t been able to see any of our other ultrasounds in person.

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I just went through my google calendar and set all of my ‘weeks’ in there. This past Friday I hit 16 weeks! I’m amazed that I am that far along, but then again that’s what happens when you don’t find out right away. I’ve been feeling great and have a dr’s appointment in the morning. It’s late but I took a three hour nap earlier and feel great! I should go to sleep just so I can get up early tomorrow, but I’m playing catch up on a couple of forums that I have been neglecting.

Seeing how far along I am, how many weeks are left and all of our events in between is really making me realize that I’ve neglected my home business. Sure I’ve been doing a few things here or there but I haven’t been building my business like I really should.

I found out tonight that a good friend got engaged yesterday. She has been hoping to get engaged for a few months now so I am glad it finally happened. They’ve sent a tentative date for early November and that has gone in the calendar too. I’ll be 31-33 weeks along depending on the final date and I think I can travel then still. I’m not sure I will – we have a lot going on work wise with Chris and it might not be possible!

But seeing all the weeks – wow. I’m just a few short weeks away from being halfway there!

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Well I crossed a bassinet off of my baby list – a friend gave me hers! I’m so glad, she isn’t have any more kids for a couple of more years plus they are moving home next spring where she said “everyone is going to be having babies” so she didn’t need to save it. I’m very grateful to her, she’s such a great friend. And our kids get along great too, always a plus!

We went to lunch yesterday at this great place then ran around town together. My family ended up having dinner at her house and we just visited the whole time. She said she wanted to throw me a baby shower, probably in early November, and I am excited! She said I should have had showers since I had a first baby then my second was a boy. I don’t know too many people here but that’s okay.

The baby list isn’t that long – we just need a car seat and stroller system. We have a crib – but we’ll have to buy Jake a big boy bed since he is in the toddler bed that converts – and a pack and play. Of course clothes too but I’m thinking of the big things for now.

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I haven’t been eating that well. Today I had a granola bar for breakfast, chex mix for lunch and veggies, ranch dressing and croutons for dinner. Sort of a salad but no lettuce or spinach, we have great tasting spinach but I just haven’t been interested. I decided that starting tomorrow I am going to try to get back on my LA food plan – obviously modified. It is a great plan but I don’t think enough calories for a pregnant mom. If the 16 lbs I’ve lost are compared to now – I’ve really only lost 6 lbs. That isn’t cool. I didn’t want to have gained that much already! Of course 4 lbs of that 16 are what I lost because of just not eating a few days before officially finding out we were expecting, I knew I’d gain that back. That just means I gained six pounds in two months! I just can’t go on gaining that way. I know I need to eat well for myself and for the baby.

How are you doing? Eating well, exercising? I’m planning on going to the Y tomorrow and again on Friday. Chris has the day off on Friday and the kids will be in gymnastics camp so we will go to the Y without them. I know they will be upset about that because they love the childcare center.

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Okay I decided I am going to try Veet (that’s what Alyssa Milano is promoting via the commercials that seem to be on every time I turn on the tv!) and also get my legs waxed. I got a haircut today the place also has a spa. You can get your legs waxed but they want the hair to be 1/4 inch long. Is it just me or is that really long! Course in the summer (and when I feel like keeping up with it) I have to shave my legs every day for them to feel smooth, so maybe that 1/4 will come fast?

I am kind of scared of getting it done though. I tried to do it before by myself and ouch it hurt a lot. And I have to look up what pain meds I am allowed to take right now, I just don’t remember! I’ll have to do a bunch of reading while I’m waiting for the hair on my legs to grow.

How about you, have you ever tried waxing? Yourself or professionally? Did it hurt? A lot or just kinda?

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I finally bought maternity clothes – two pairs of shorts from Target. They are SO comfy and will hopefully last a bit. I tried on a bunch of shirts too but after finding a couple I kind of liked, I realized I don’t need any shirts just yet. I actually left Target, went to Ross’ and tried on maternity clothes there. I had to walk out because I only found a pair of capris and really I wanted the shorts a lot more. Thank goodness the two stores are close together!

Now all I have to do is keep my legs shaved, maybe I should try out something else. I wonder if the stuff I keep seeing Alyssa Milano in commercials for is any good? I am so wimpy when it comes to waxing and such.

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Today I’m having a day where I am hot. I took another shower and I think it helped – of course I am also lounging in my bedroom, sitting under the fan with the ac on. That will work for anyone. We are supposed go to the movies later and the idea of an air conditioned theater does sound good.

Of course thankfully since I’m feeling a bit out of sorts, the kids are behaving so well. They are playing together – alternately playing school, making cards, and stamping.  I’m about a half hour into a movie, I wonder how long it will take to watch. Today is a good day, despite my hormones making me wish for snow outside.

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