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I have plans to join the Y – again. But this time I’m going to join when we are staying with my Dad, so not for another month or so and obviously in another state. I’m excited! I really want to lose weight and get in better shape. I think they have a daycare for the kids but if not I figure I’ll ask my sister in law to watch them while I work out.

I’ll have a sister in law to ask.

That is just amazing to me. I am so happy to be able to spend a lot of time with my family before we move on! I can’t wait to see my nephews, it’s been two years since I’ve seen any of them and in that time two more have been born!

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After four phone calls this morning I am now waiting for a call back. It seems that LA Weight Loss corporate has changed to Pure Weight Loss – but the franchises were given the option to stay with the LA name or to change. I didn’t do much searching on that though.

So I call the number on the LA website which somehow gets me a corporate center in Virginia. Okay then. She tells me to call the franchise customer service number – which I did and had to leave a message. I found another number on the LA site and called them – after talking to that person she says she can email the customer service rep for the franchises and that person will get back to me.

If I don’t hear back from someone by Wednesday, I’m calling again. I know there is controversy surrounding the company but I didn’t have any. I paid for the services and expect to be either reimbursed or given the product in whole.

I think it is odd that there is NO more centers in my area. Did none of them want to carry on with corporate changing the name? Has the website just not been updated in ages?

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I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here but we are moving. The countdown is on and we’ve started getting rid of stuff and throwing stuff away.

We got rid of the crib we had. Finally. We got it when Alice was about six months old so we’ve had it for almost six years. She used it and then Jake used it, it converted into a toddler bed and Jake used that until he got too big for it. He isn’t too tall or anything but just outgrew it. So we stuck it in the garage just last month.

I had a twinge of sadness because the sides have the kids teeth marks in it. When they were old enough, they would stand up and chew on the edge waiting for us to get them. We sanded it down before giving it to Goodwill so noone else will see that.

We also got rid of the pack and play that Jake slept in for a little while. He started out in a bassinet but he was a big baby and quickly outgrew that!

We went through our clothes yesterday too and I found a couple of pairs of shorts that I have had since college! I haven’t gained a lot of weight over the past seven years, I’m two sizes bigger now, but dang those shorts looked small. And I thought I was chubby! I did put them in the giveaway pile and said I’d buy new clothes when I lose weight.

So the countdown! Three and a half weeks to go! Woo hoo!!

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I rarely go into the area of town where the LA Weight Loss Center I visit is located. It isn’t a bad area, I just don’t go. So imagine my complete surprise when we went last week and the center’s window had a large sign advertising business space.

That’s right – my LA Center is gone!

I am going to look on the website tomorrow and call around to see what the heck happened. They did have a very high turnover rate during the couple of months I was there, but geez, to close?

I wasn’t planning on calling until I knew where we were moving – okay I just realize what a dumb statement that is, I’ve known for a week! I guess I have a lot going on. Anyway, I bought the supplements and have at least half left. I’m hoping for either all the supplements at once (they like to give a weeks worth at a time) or half of my money back. I’ll keep you updated.

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I was doing so great posting every day for a month – then on our out of town trip yesterday, the car broke down on the way home. I think it ended up taking us almost six hours to finally get home. So of course I didn’t eat well.

It’s a bad habit but if I’m getting even a tiny bit tired when I drive, I pull over and buy sunflower seeds. Talk about a massive salt attack! And in the stress of it all, I ate the whole little bag I bought.

We got the car fixed today (another bad eating day!) and as I like to remind myself, it is a new day. My goal is to stick to my LA Weight Loss plan for breakfast, lunch and snacks, and not overeat or eat junk for dinner or if I snack after that. Thanksgiving is not a freebie, but I will just not overeat that day. I love turkey sandwich leftovers and potato patties, oh so yummy!

Do your eating habits change on the weekends? Or when you drive? We all typically eat in restaurants when we travel out of town so that’s a given. Oh and we had Denny’s for dinner last night – I did have a salad but it was a huge salad.

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I’ve strayed from my LA food plan – BUT I’ve still lost another two pounds. I admit I weigh  myself every other day or so but I don’t compare weights until they are a week apart. What I’ve been doing lately is eating breakfast and then not eating again until I am actually hungry. Not just to snack or because I’m bored, I’ve just really paid attention to how I feel and following that.

But tomorrow we are going out of town so cross your fingers I don’t overdo it. It is easy to overeat when you travel, I think anyway. We are only gone for the day but we are going to be gone all day so that is three meals – plus snacks – on the road. We haven’t eaten out …. for a while actually so this is going to be a change for us – we all know restaurant food isn’t typically prepared in the most healthy manner! My thing while traveling is snacking in the car – I even bought chex mix just today knowing we would want something!

I’m glad I lost the two pounds though, that makes me feel good because even though I’m not strictly eating only certain foods I can eat what I want (which is still healthy) and lose.

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It maybe an hour to hour and a half before bedtime – and I really want popcorn.


It is taking a lot of willpower to not go stick a bag in the microwave.

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I know we’ve all had days where we just were not in the mood to watch what we ate. I did good for breakfast and had a couple of eggs and a toast – then I got to work on a new project and focused so much we didn’t have lunch until 1:30! The kids are good snackers though so they are never hungry. For dinner we had mac and cheese. :( I was so tired by that point I just wanted to sit on the couch. I haven’t even had eight glasses of water today, though I know I’m close.
Tomorrow I’m going to a workshop and hopefully will be able to stay away from fast food for lunch. I don’t consider Zaxby’s fast food – I know fried chicken and french fries are probably the original fast food – and oh it is SO good, we may give in.

It feels odd that Thanksgiving is next week! This year is very weird because we don’t have anyone coming over. Last year we had I think 19 people, including all the kids. I loved it. I couldn’t even say a prayer at the beginning because it was so overwhelming. It will be odd to just have us be here.

We have a full weekend ahead! My college roommate is going to be here Friday night, then the family is headed to Atlanta for the day while she goes to visit a friend, then Sunday she will probably stop back by on her way home. We are just a couple of hours away from each other but in two years have only visited twice! And they were both super short visits.

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I have seriously been amazed that I’ve kept the five pounds off – considering I have been eating horrible since Friday. We’ve had lasagna (multiple times because I made too much and didn’t freeze it like I should have!), sandwiches made up of deli meat and not the ‘good’ deli meat (ie low fat or however they come) either and doritos. Doritos are my downfall! So good!

Tomorrow I’m going to a workshop so I’ll eat before and bring a granola bar or two in case I get hungry. I am determined to lose weight but I’ve been so busy it is just easier to eat whatever then to pay attention to proteins, starches and the like. Worst excuse ever, I know. I just need to get back on track and the weight will come off. I need to find a picture of myself from this spring, I wonder if I even have any?

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One of my pregnant ‘things’ when I was expecting Alice was anything I ate that was supposed to be cold, had to be really cold. As in if Chris was making us a salad he would make mine and put it in the fridge while making his – I just wanted it cold. My drinks had to be cold too, I always used a lot of ice but I had to use a straw because while I really wanted it to be cold, I had to use a straw because it bothered my teeth. I got over needing to eat my food cold, that was just a funny pregnancy quirk, but I still have to use a straw. The only time it really annoys me is when we go out to eat because once in a while the wait staff doesn’t bring straws and then I’m left waiting.

I received this sample of Biotene sensitive toothpaste and have been using it for the past few days. Biotene uses Potassium Nitrate with a patented ingredient called Enzyme LP3 Complex™ which helps heal rather then just mask the sensitivity. One thing that is just a preference of mine is the lack of frothiness this toothpaste has, something you may have to get used to. The taste is good, sort of like bubble gum but definitely not as sweet, sometimes toothpastes have an overbearing sweetness to them.

My teeth don’t bother me enough to bring it up with my dentist but I’m keeping this on hand because some days I wake up knowing they will bother me that day and other days I am fine.

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