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I like how the cleanser and toner feel on my skin – but the lotion that is included has made my skin really oily. I rinsed my face off a couple of times today because it was bothering me so much. I do not like that at all and am surprised – it is made for oily skin! You would think it wouldn’t make it oily because of that. I don’t have oily skin but since I have been breaking out the girl suggested I try it. My skin doesn’t feel dry like it has before when I tried products for oily skin, so at least that.

I am going to try either the mask or scrub tomorrow – the directions to say both can be used two to three times a week. I’ll keep using the cleanser and toner but I admit I’m not sure I want to keep up with the lotion. Maybe I should and see if my skin gets used to it?

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I got a haircut today and picked up a travel set of a skin care line I’ve been wanting to try. I am always scared of trying something new for fear of *whatever* going wrong and then I’m out of my cash. I decided to go ahead and buy this because if it doesn’t work out I can take it back and get some other product or store credit for use later.

I think CVS does this? Or … Walgreens? Some store like that.

So I’m going to tonight and follow what it says to do – I got a cleanser, a tonic, a vitamin lotiony thing, a night gel, a scrub and a mask. (I love buying kits!) I figured I would start out with a travel kit just in case it doesn’t work, or I don’t care for it, then it’s less to return and less money out by me.

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I have been so frustrated for the past week! Early last week I was so happy because my skin seemed to be clearing up – I’ve never had perfectly clear skin though. So I’m happy and then a few days later – boom, breakout city. Ugh! This is so annoying!

I’ve tried ProActiv which did not work for me because I am allergic to it. I’ve tried ever other over the counter thing and nothing worked – though I did find out what I am allergic to! I even had a script when I was a teenager but I don’t think that really worked either.

My friend Andrea posted about various beauty treatments not too long ago – and I swear I had never heard of any of them! I was so excited about the aspirin one – basically you let uncoated aspirin (3-5, starting off with 3 then working your way up I suppose) in hot water until they soften up. Then you add them to a face mask and use it as usual. I finally got aspirin about a week and a half ago and I used this treatment I know two times, but maybe three, and that’s why I thought my skin was clearing up.

Then I breakout and I have to admit I wonder if I’m allergic to doing using aspirin in my face mask! Or if I just had a reaction to it. I’m scared to try it again but I am just so over my skin thinking it is 16 (ha, I’ll be wanting 16 year old skin when I’m 60 I’m sure!). I want to see a dermatologist but we are leaving in a week so there is no time.

Maybe I need a new face mask too. I know I do, I’ve been using the same brand for ages. I love trying new face stuff and in the past I’ve had to slow down as sometimes that is the case for breakouts as well.

Do you have any tips or tricks for getting clear skin? Mine has never been completely clear though I’ve tried various things like drinking lots of water, exercise, eating better, etc.

Here is to clear skin!

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