It has been so hard to stick to eating healthy. I can start out fine in the morning, and most of the time for lunch. But by the time the afternoon comes around I want something dessert’y, something chocolate, something sweet. I need to find alternate snacks, so far I’ve had brownies, chocolate and those 100 calorie snacks. Then of course that messes up dinner and I’m not in the mood to cook or eat. Today I did great, I ate a snack but also ate dinner. Of course after dinner I had a piece of ice cream cake!

I’m interested in once a month cooking. I love the idea of spending a day of cooking and getting a bunch of meals ready. I went to a Dream Dinners that did just that – they set up stations and  you get the food ready in freezer ready containers. I did it a couple of times but after that it wasn’t worth it for me – my husband really eats a lot of food. If he were gone, working, I think it would be fine for just the kids and I. So cooking for a month – or even two weeks – at a time seems like a good way to go. Especially on days when I don’t feel like cooking, when it is too hot out, when we are starving and don’t want to take the time to cook, etc.

I looked for a book at the library, but amazingly enough they didn’t have even one cookbook geared toward once a month cooking! I plan on asking a librarian the next time, but I doubt I’ll find one. I can’t wait to do this and might even have a friend come over to have her do cooking for her family. We’ve talked about it before and I’m sure doing it as a team would make it go faster.

3 Responses to “Eating Well and Meal Plans”
  1. stephanie says:

    I have never tried freezing meals raw, like Kitchen Helpers. Most of the food that I froze thawed into gross stuff. It would be easy enough to make up casseroles, chicken dishes, Mexican food, ect and put it into disposable heatable containers. As long as you have the freezer room.

  2. Tishia says:

    EEEEEEEK! Cooking for a month? People actually do this? LOL! I have a hard enough time cooking once a week let alone think about a whole MONTH!

    Afternoons are when I crave something sweet also. My new found favorite treat is I take a banana and slice it up and put it on a piece of tinfoil & then pour some of the hersey’s chocolate sauce on it & then stick it in the freezer for awhile (until it gets frozen). I never thought a frozen banana would taste good but it’s really actually YUMMY!!!!

  3. Tsoniki says:

    Any meals that I’ve made at Dream Dinners froze fine – I just need to figure what I can make on my own! LOL

    Oh a frozen banana! That sounds really good actually! Yesterday I just ate dinner at like 4:30 and then took a nap, I should have eaten when I got up but I wasn’t hungry so at least I’ve had one day of not snacking on bad stuff.