I slipped up yesterday. After my check in, not gaining or losing, and feeling great I came home and had a ham sandwich and a pickle for lunch. Talk about salty!

Of course the worst part – I had the same thing for dinner!

That’s the second time I’ve eaten a bunch of salty foods in one day since starting on LA Weight Loss. I wonder if it’s because the plan is low sodium (even though my regular eating usually isn’t that salty anyway) and once in a while my body just needs the salt? I did drink a few extra glasses of water and today feel a lot better.

I woke up and have stuck to the plan all day. I’m feeling good still and am happy to be back on plan.

One Response to “Slipping”
  1. Tishia says:

    The key when we slip up (and it will happen from time to time – we are only human) is exactly what you did, got right back on the plan! Good job :-)