So much for eating lots better! I made mint patties – basically powdered sugar, corn syrup and butter. So basically sugar! Well, peppermint flavored sugar.

My Mom used to make them at Christmas time and last week I really wanted one. We didn’t have corn syrup so I waited until I went to the store and finally made them today. I colored them red (well, pink really) and they tasted SO good! I had a bite when I was making them into balls and then again when I squished them with forks…and then a couple more since then. I know I can’t eat a bunch – talk about sugar rush. When I ate them earlier, I sat down on the couch and I swear I felt fluttering around. I think the baby is 4 1/2 inches long now and it’s early, but I swear I feel her move. She must have been buzzing. Of course I know the same amount doesn’t go into the baby, but still.

I love staying home with the kids if only for being able to make whatever I want whenever I want it. I think I was sort of craving mint stuff the past couple of weeks – I made mint chocolates back then. But it doesn’t feel like a real craving – like when I was pregnant before I only had one craving with one baby, so I know this isn’t real pregnant cravings.

But they are so good! I love these and they remind me of my Mom. I’ve been having “I really miss my family and friends” days lately and I think cooking helps.

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