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I’ve been visiting family since right before Christmas. The kids and I are staying with my Uncle and Aunt before moving on to my Dad’s house in a couple more weeks. My Uncle and Aunt who go out to eat at least three to four times a week. That’s not a big deal – I did some grocery shopping and they still have food at the house. But eating as healthy as I’d like just hasn’t been happening.

Groceries are much more expensive here. And we are in a very rural place which means you are stuck shopping at the places around – meaning two grocery stores in a town 11 miles away. There is a small store here, but not a place you would want to do regular shopping at.

So we have been eating way too much food you make from a box or a can. Sure we have homemade bread once in a while – better then store bought? that’s what I tell myself! – and have managed a salad or two. But fresh fruits and veggies are far between.

And exercise – nonexistant! Sure we have to walk to and from the car but everything is spread out and you can’t walk to the store or to visit a friend or family member. Well I suppose we could but it’s also the wintertime. We had negative fourteen degree weather a few days ago and today are in the midst of an arctic blast of wind so it feels about negative forty.

On the plus side we are leaving in a couple of weeks to go to my Dad’s – where we can once again shop at Costco and join the Y. And I’ll be around more kids which I’m sure will mean more running around then we have here.

I’m not even going to talk about losing five pounds when I was sick for three days – mostly because it’s back now.

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