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Do you have a favorite message board? I am a member of just a few and I’ve found it’s hard to get involved with others. I am currently looking for a couple to join but haven’t looked too hard.

One of my favorites was the forum at Mom’s Talk Forum – I say was because the owner, Kelly McCausey, shut the forum down a few months ago. It was a nice place to chat with other moms about various topics. It was a nice place to be after a long day with kids or a long day working.

No April Fools – Mom’s Talk Forum is back! I’m very excited to be able to post there again and if you are looking for a Mama Home online, please stop by and say hi.

The Mom’s Talk Network website ( has been quiet since Kelly McCausey assumed ownership back in October 2007, but no more.  Starting today the website will be brimming over with fresh Guest Blogger appearances and a resurrected Mom’s Talk Forum which I will be helping to breathe new life into as a Moderator.  Come on over and say hello today and be entered for a chance to win gifts, free advertising and even a cash prize.  Every blog comment and forum post made on April first will serve as an entry in today’s relaunch drawing :)

To see prizes:

What great prizes! Do stop by and say hi. :)

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