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I stopped by the Y yesterday to clean out my locker and remove my name from Dad’s account – and couldn’t resist jumping on the scale one last time. It’s the same scale I was using to keep track of my weight loss. Sure I found one at Target and at the dr’s office, but I know it’s best to stick with one scale since every one can read slightly different.

I took this picture about a month ago – after friends saw it, they commented on how they could tell I lost weight – always a great thing!

And I’ve kept my 20 pounds off! I am wearing a very loose size 16! I am so excited because I have a closet full of size 16 stuff, 16 and 14. I tried on 14s just last night at Target and though they zip up and button fine, they are tight enough I didn’t buy any. But how awesome! I don’t remember being able to fit a size 14 since college which was 8 years ago.

I plan on keeping up watching what I’m eating and buying some kind of exercise machine once we get settled. Chris gave our elliptical away during the packing up of our house so I want to get a treadmill but we aren’t sure how big our house will be. Maybe a treadmill won’t fit with the rest of our stuff. I’m excited about losing a little more weight – I feel great and hey, who doesn’t love shopping!

We are leaving tomorrow to begin the trip to Texas, our next home. We’ll be there by the fourth of July and look forward to cooking out and blowing up fireworks with Chris.

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