After a week of doing what I thought would work with running on the treadmill, I finally realized maybe this isn’t the way to do it. Sometimes it’s trial and error right?

Well I did what anyone with a track coach for a college roommate would do – emailed her, then bugged her on IM until she said she’d call me. After catching up on the latest gossip in each others lives she gave me a workout routine to follow.

I was supposed to start yesterday, but I skipped the Y, so I started today instead. I figure I’ll make up for skipping over the weekend. I’m running on the treadmill and I figure I’ll work my way up to running on the indoor track they have, but the family run I am shooting for is outside.

So my routine is to warm up for a few minutes, three to four, and then run at whatever pace I can do for five minutes. I am just starting out so today I ran for five minutes at a 4 mph – which I think is a 15 minute mile. I did great the first 3 – 3:30 minutes – then I started thinking I am not giving up, I am doing five minutes because I will run that family run.

After the five minutes was up I did a four minute cool down then moved on to strength training. I’m not sure when I am going to up my minutes running or the mph but I’m set to email her tonight so I’ll keep you posted.

I do need a new pair of shoes – I’ve been running/working out with the shoes I wear every day and I know that’s not smart. I’m going looking this week for cross trainers – I’d like to be able to run/walk and play basketball and I don’t want a specific shoe for any of those activities.

2 Responses to “Learning To Run”
  1. Good for you! I’ve never been able to run or even jog it always burns my lungs. My Mom is a grat runner…I’m amazed by her. YOU GO GIRL!

  2. Andrea says:

    That is awesome! I really admire you running for 5 minutes. I can’t even do 1 minute before it feels like my knees are going to shatter. That’s one of my goals, to run a mile. Seems so simple but I’ve never been able to do it…