I have felt discouraged since last week. I have no idea why since I have lost a few pounds and I was doing great working out every day. But I ended up skipping the Y three of five days last week – effectively only working out twice. Well three times if you count walking a mile here at Dad’s place. I made great time on that one because I was upset so I walked as fast as I could without running and burned that energy rather then acting out.

I weighed in today to find I have gained three pounds. I was very disappointed – for a few minutes. My pants are still loose (if not looser then last Monday) and maybe it’s muscle I’m gaining and fat I’m losing. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I had to force myself to go to the Y today. I just did not want to go at all and did not have any interest in working out, getting sweaty, none of it. Once there I did twenty minutes on the treadmill – a good, slow warm up, and then running for six minutes (yay one more then last time I ran!) and a good cool down. Today was also a strength training day and I had a good workout on the machines. Even though I stretched afterward, I feel a little bit sore this evening. That may be because I did two reps rather then just one after a long time since last doing any or because I didn’t play basketball like I was. After I was done I just wanted to get out of there so I skipped the sauna/steam room though I wanted to sit in one of them today.

Starting tomorrow I am cutting out bread from my diet. I had a hard time following South Beach simply because I was restricted and for some reason when I am told no you can’t have that – all of a sudden that’s what I want! I know I will lose weight following the plan but making up meals or a menu plan was too much for me to handle while thinking about working out and running and taking care of kids.

At least I am going back to workout out every day. I’m going to reevaluate next Monday because I know I am not eating poorly.

2 Responses to “Week Three SWO”
  1. Tishia Lee says:

    The important thing is that you aren’t giving up! Weight fluctuation (weight gain whatever you want to call it…lol) is a normal part of dieting. I know what you mean about when you are told you can’t have something that’s all you want…I’m exactly like that!

    Keep working out and don’t give up. You are doing great so far :-)

  2. (((HUGS))) Tsoniki!! That is a big plus about the loose pants so look at that as a great accomplishment girlie!

    I have cut out the bread as well and I know it helps greatly with the bloating as well. I love bread, I crave bread and so with you when you do not want that stuff until you can’t have it.

    Here’s to a great week. :::cheers:::