I had a weekend filled with kids. Saturday we didn’t get to the Y because they don’t have childcare and my brother had to help my Dad with something, thus no sitter. No biggie, we managed to get a few crafts done that were a long time coming!

But yesterday I grabbed a few of my nephews (okay, I had them dropped off) and had them hanging out here. My husband suggested we buy the kids a new video game because he is missing them so much and figures thats a good contribution he can make. So we buy Mario & Sonic at the Olympics.

I have always thought the Wii was a good workout tool – you do have to get up and move around and
that makes kids (and adults) tired. My kids rarely want to read how to play a game, they just want to jump in and get started. But this game takes a bit of reading – which each new game you play has the specific instruction when you start, if you select to read them.

So the kids are playing and getting frustrated here and there so I grabbed the controls and did one of the track events – wow hello biceps! Or triceps? Upper arms anyway. And I only did two races. It did feel good and I am going to jump on and play again soon.

After the Wii we all went outside and play basketball – oh what I learned there!

  • Blocking an 8 year old will be fun for you and annoying for him
  • If a basketball goal is set at about 6 feet, I can make it from way back there
  • Seriously, I hit some awesome shots! It felt great.
  • Teaching little kids (4 and 6 years old – my two) to play basketball can be fun
  • If you hear someone say “your Mom is base” and you start running, everyone will join in the chase even if they declined to play before.

We had a great day. A little video game fun, a little outdoor fun, a little cooking fun. It’s just like I imagined living here would be – and I am going to make sure it happens again. Kids prove that working out and/or getting exercise is fun!

We are heading to the Y today and I will check in for the Spring OSW later.

One Response to “What A Weekend With Kids Can Teach You”
  1. Tishia Lee says:

    It sounds like you all had a great time! I need to make it more of a priority to start doing more fun things with Caleb. I think this summer will be a good time to invite some of the neighborhood kids to our back yard and get a game of kickball or baseball or something of that nature going! Thanks for the idea…lol!