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Yay I gained no weight! But I also lost no weight!

I’ll take that as a win. ;)

Mom and I restarted south beach, stage one, on Monday. I just felt off since going to stage two. I’m not sure if it was the reintroduction of bread or that I had more sugar or what, but I didn’t feel right. I felt fat (probably more like bloated) and uncomfortable.

After just one day, basically by Monday evening, I felt fine! Maybe it was eating different food for that day, maybe it was drinking a lot of water, maybe it was just psychological. Whatever it was, I’ll take it!

Adding to the mix of not being able to exercise nearly as much as I want, my allergies have kicked in. By late afternoon my voice is starting to be gone, my throat hurts and I’m coughing more. I started taking my medicine but it’s still bothering me. It feels like I’m losing my voice – which I’m sure my kids are slightly happy about (ha!) – but by morning I’m fine again.

I’m looking forward to a weight loss next week!

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I’m not sure of my weight loss over the past week.

Because I’m not getting on the scale.

Stage one of South Beach was awesome! Mom and I both did great. And then stage two started and after just one day it felt crazy and out of control. And even though I was adding more food, or rather a wider variety not a greater quantity, I felt like I was starving. I just kept eating and eating! It was not fun for me.

Sunday we had an Oscars party and invited friends over. We made some really great tasting foods:

~ figs stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped with prosciutto – this may sound odd, but seriously – SO good! I wasn’t sure how a fig would taste – until Mom said “you like fig newtons right?” and yep, I do. We have leftovers and will probably make more this weekend.

Bacon Wrapped Figs
Creative Commons License photo credit: professor evil
(this pic shows bacon, which looks just as good!)

~ baby pigs in a blanket – which were smokies wrapped with crescent bread. Super easy to do, fantastic to eat.

~ stuffed mushrooms – simply cheese mixed with the mushroom stems chopped up

~ beans and sausage in the crockpot – this was the main dish we found in a “Casseroles, Slow Cooker & Soups” magazine.

~ cornbread – followed the recipe on the back of the box!

We also had no-fat brownies (bought at Trader Joe’s!) – and if these were the only brownies I would be allowed for the rest of my life, I would be completely okay with that. They were gooey and delicious and really, it’s amazing they are non-fat – and chocolate covered strawberries.

Mom and I went for a quick walk so we wouldn’t feel bad eating a few of the snacks that evening, but Monday I still felt like I had been out of control. I felt like I ate too much, didn’t drink enough water, it just wasn’t fun. I blamed the food I ate, the types of food I ate considering I hadn’t been eating anything like it for so long.

So we sort of started over with stage one. Sort of because we did lose weight, but for whatever reason, going to stage two was crazy for us, but not eating any bread at all probably would have drove us just as crazy.

Thus I’m not sure of my weight and I’m not getting on the scale until next Wednesday. Then it will be two weeks from my last scale check. The new clothes I bought are not tight, my jeans are still fitting (or actually, they are kinda loose!) and I’m still drinking lots of water. It was the out of control feeling that brought me to being okay not jumping on the scale. Sure I care about the number, but I care more about how clothes fit. I still have a gift card my Dad gave me for Christmas to buy new clothes with!

I really don’t think I gained anything, so I’m going to say I stayed the same. Next week I’ll have a number to report. How’s your weight loss going?

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Yesterday was my weigh in after Stage 1 on South Beach. I didn’t weigh myself when we started, so I am going off of what I weighed after I came home from the hospital with JW.

I lost 7 pounds!

Creative Commons License photo credit: jaysalikin

Today started stage 2. And today I was starving! Tonight we are having a cookout on the beach, bonfire and all. Maybe being outside with everyone will help curb whatever pretend starving I have going on. I’m not hungry, I eat enough to be full, so I think it’s the whole now I can have some carbs subconsciously getting to me! That has to be it.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: theloushe

It is the seemingly little things that I’ve noticed since I’ve lost weight. It’s easier to cross my legs now – what an odd thing to realize! My Mom said I look taller – hey I’ll take that, I’m pretty short! I am getting my hourglass curve back – okay that’s definitely not a little thing, that was the first thing I noticed. :)

My face is skinnier, my cheekbones are definied again! You can see my dimples when I smile. I don’t have a double chin anymore!

According to the Wii Fit – from January 09 until now I’ve lost 23 pounds. I know I was heavier, probably 7-8 pounds heavier, so wow, 30 pounds gone! AND a baby.

That’s the best part to point out – I’ve lost weight *and* I have a baby. How cool.

Tonight ends mine and Mom’s stage one of South Beach – we can add carbs! Whole wheat carbs, but I’m okay with that. I am kind of amazed that I’m not craving anything. A milky way sounds really good right now, but I don’t feel like I have to have it. A bun with a cheese burger would be good too, but again, I don’t need to have it.

From having the baby to last week I lost four pounds – I know I’ve lost two more, but I’m not weighing myself until tomorrow morning.

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