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Popcorn isn’t bad for you!

Buttery Popcorn
Creative Commons License photo credit: PicturePurrfect685

In moderation of course. My favorite is movie theater popcorn or my Uncle’s popcorn. Or caramel. Or cheese. Okay, I just like popcorn! You can image that the 100 calorie packs are my friend! I just found a free sample of cheese popcorn – you can grab your own sample of Orville Redenbacher’s® Cheddar Cheese Popcorn to taste test before purchasing. I’ll let you know what I think. :)

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How to lose five pounds in four days:

1. Get sick. Preferably by taking care of your sick kiddo for a few days in a row.

2. While taking care of your sick kiddo, have him bounce back as though he has fully recovered and it’s okay to go to the soccer game. Where it downpours rain and sleet. And then his sickness comes raging back.

3. Have the sickness overrun your family, they are too sick to eat so little food is cooked, everyone just snacks, if they can even swallow.

4. Drink lots of water because you are nursing your baby and have to at least attempt to keep the breastmilk supply up.

5. Eat at least one meal a day, however small it is.

6. Jump on the scale on the morning of day 4 – BAM 5 pounds gone!

7. In the afternoon of day 4 realize you are almost recovered. What adds to this realization is your stomach growling LOUDLY multiple times in an hour. Eat whatever is around because hey, you just lost five pounds!

*Obviously none of this is recommended – however, it is what I went through this past week!

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Creative Commons License photo credit: teachingsagittarian

A disappointing thing to report – over the past two weeks I’ve gained three and a half pounds. But I’m not letting that get me down!

I’m back to working out and I’ve set some new goals:

* work out every day for the month of April (so far, so good!)

* no snacking after 8PM – not really that hard for me actually, but I’ve slipped up more then I like lately

* pay closer attention to my water intake – usually I do great at drinking enough water, and with nursing as well this is important for me to get back on track with

I look forward to checking in next week with a weight LOSS!

How did you do for the week?

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