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I’ve finally had that jump that I’ve been waiting for!

I lost 2.5 pounds!!!

I woke up after a week of not working out. I’ve been really busy, I still have a cough that I just can’t shake at all, I haven’t felt like working out. That’s how it goes right? We get in a funk and resort to doing nothing.

But I still didn’t snack a lot, I didn’t eat late at night and I drank plenty of water. I think the only change was that I didn’t workout. I’m chalking the weight loss up to hormones (or lack of) and still eating well.

And hey, I’ll take whatever I can get to get me back into motion again. Today I worked out for 40 minutes, so I’m back on the right track. :)

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Just a quick check in this week. I’ve had a cough that I just can’t shake! I’ve been working on home remedies and I can tell it’s not turning into something worse, but it is certainly frustrating.

I gained .2 pounds.

I’m not concerned about a small gain at all. I’ve only been able to work out twice in the past week. I haven’t been eating all that well, though I’ve been sticking to not over eating & not snacking.

I’m getting back to daily workouts tomorrow. I hope my cough goes away soon!

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