It’s been a week! I’ve lost… .5 pounds.


500 grams
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That’s right, a half a pound! Here’s how I’m looking at it

* I haven’t gained weight!

* I did something every day! In my first post I said I would be active every day – and I was! Five of the seven days I was on the wii fit, in addition to whatever I did daily. Two other days I cleaned the house, played with the kids and walked around a lot.

* I did great with eating right for five of the seven days. I’m not sure why but Friday and Saturday were rough. And I really don’t know why! I didn’t feel like I was eating because of stress (which I’ve done in the past), I wasn’t eating just to have something to do. I do know that one thing was I bought pumpkin candies, the ones that are out in October. I love those! I know it is molded sugar, but they are good. I made the mistake of leaving the bag on the counter and every time I walked by I’d grab one. Well my house isn’t huge, so I walked by it a lot.

This week I am going to amp up my working out. Sure I was on the wii most of the week, but I plan on being on it for longer then before. I also ordered a workout video and once it gets here I will start on a new week and see what happens.

It looks like I’m taking this week by week – and that works for me! I don’t feel pressure, I don’t feel upset that I didn’t lose more, I’m not obsessivesly thinking about food. I worked out today and felt great, I ate well and drank plenty of water. All I have left to do today is not snack!

3 Responses to “Plus Size Bloggers Weigh In: October 11”
  1. Good for you on the weight loss! Keep it up! Found you on the Fall 15 challenge.
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  2. JustTracyB says:

    It can be frustrating to have a small loss, but you have to remember….the smaller losses are more likely to sustain. You’ll have less chance of bounce back. Keep it up. Be more mindful on the weekends. This is what I like about the weigh in on Monday. I have in the front of my mind that weigh in all weekend, and I eat less crap and watch my portions a little closer.

    THROW OUT THOSE PUMPKIN CANDIES! They have no nutritional value and you aren’t doing yourself any favors by keeping them around!

  3. Jenni says:

    Doing something every day is awesome! Way to go with building a healthy habit.