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It is the seemingly little things that I’ve noticed since I’ve lost weight. It’s easier to cross my legs now – what an odd thing to realize! My Mom said I look taller – hey I’ll take that, I’m pretty short! I am getting my hourglass curve back – okay that’s definitely not a little thing, that was the first thing I noticed. :)

My face is skinnier, my cheekbones are definied again! You can see my dimples when I smile. I don’t have a double chin anymore!

According to the Wii Fit – from January 09 until now I’ve lost 23 pounds. I know I was heavier, probably 7-8 pounds heavier, so wow, 30 pounds gone! AND a baby.

That’s the best part to point out – I’ve lost weight *and* I have a baby. How cool.

Tonight ends mine and Mom’s stage one of South Beach – we can add carbs! Whole wheat carbs, but I’m okay with that. I am kind of amazed that I’m not craving anything. A milky way sounds really good right now, but I don’t feel like I have to have it. A bun with a cheese burger would be good too, but again, I don’t need to have it.

From having the baby to last week I lost four pounds – I know I’ve lost two more, but I’m not weighing myself until tomorrow morning.

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I’m not sure when I found out about WiiFit Moms but I know it was first on twitter – follow them at @wiimoms. I took more time today to look into the site so I could join the party they are hosting!

I do have the WiiFit (would you have answers for me?) and have yet to open it but I am going to soon. My husband is on vacation right now and any video game playing is taken over by him, so I may have to wait til he goes back to work. I plan on doing something on the WiiFit every day though, once I am able.

The Wii Fit Mommies has a whole network and fun things for you to do. You can join the forum and also participate in the first wiifit moms party which is tomorrow night at 8 eastern time on twitter. I’ve seen various parties happening on twitter using hashtags – my super simple explanation for hashtags is using the number/pound sign # with a word. In the case of the party for wiimoms the hashtag is going to be #wiimoms – so it’s easy to join, just post a tweet with the hashtag at the end! You can then find others posting on that same topic. There are also prizes you can win so check it out before the party!

Have you joined a support group online? Do you have an in person support group to help reach your fitness, health and weight loss goals? I always work better by working out with someone and hopefully online support will work just as well!

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Have you started thinking about your resolutions or goals for 2009? I hope so we are just under a day away from the start of the year!

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I wanted to set different goals for myself for the next year, small ones that can be easily met and then move on to the next goal. I’m sure I’ll be rewriting my list as time goes on but I really want to make this next year a year of getting and staying healthy and losing weight. I’m disappointed that I gained back the weight that I worked so hard to lose, I haven’t gained any of the five pounds I lost during December back, but wish I lost more then I did.

Here’s how I feel – I was so happy about losing twenty pounds and just about quadrupling my wardrobe because of it being in storage when Chris was in his various schools. Now since I gained that weight back (I’m up five pounds since we moved here) I don’t feel comfortable wearing all the clothes that I have. Which is not fun to have a closet full of clothes and not want to wear any of them!

So my first goal – get back to the weight I was when I left Montana at the end of June. I am going to do this by watching what I eat and exercising daily. I want to follow the “Body for Life” program and hope that I can, however I’m not going to hold myself to this (other then not eating a bunch of junk food!). I don’t foresee that I will not follow the program, but we are going back to meal/menu planning so we’ll see how I do.

Yesterday was the first day I went back to working out in a couple of weeks – and afterward I felt great! However, once I got home I felt like I wanted to eat all day. It felt like no matter what I ate, I was still hungry. But I had a strange headache most of the day so maybe that contributed to feeling hungry? I’m not sure. I am going to work out again this morning andmay not eat that great because we are planning on appetizers and hanging out with friends tonight.

What is your first fitness goal for 2009? Let’s do this together!

  • First goal – lose five pounds.
  • Second goal – lose 15 pounds (on top of the five, so 20 total)
  • I want to be able to wear all the clothes I have in my closet which are two sizes below what I’m wearing now. I can do this!

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Monday started week three of the Body for Life program that my friend and I are following. Only, really it should be like week two. Last Tuesday I hurt my back and didn’t work out for five days. I’ve hurt my back this way before and the result is always the same – I have a heck of a time walking, much less doing anything else. I hurt it Tuesday morning during that days workout and spent that day and most of the next day in bed or stretching. It was a rough couple of days!

Wednesday night was a Christmas party for Chris’ job and my friend and I agreed that night would be our cheater night and then we would cheat a little again on Sunday. So I ate mashed potatoes that night and she had a roll – we live on the edge! :) The Christmas party was SO much fun! We really had a great time hanging out with co-workers and friends and are already trying to plan another party for the springtime.

Sunday we cheated due to throwing a surprise party for a friend! It was great considering we had just a few hours to throw everything together. I made a cake, we had appetizers and food and even a handmade gift by the time he arrived. He was embarrassed but happy and is teased that he is a man now since he is 25 years old.

My friend is gone for the Christmas break and I admit it’s hard doing this alone! Yesterday was our 8th anniversary so we went to dinner – where I ate cheese fries! I felt bad after doing so! I worked out at the house and am planning on hitting the treadmill today. It’s raining right now or I’d just take the kids, their scooters and my iPod out for a walk! Maybe the weather will clear up in a bit.

Anyone else think I’m crazy trying to lose weight aroud the holidays? I haven’t made cookies or anything like I usually do. I am going to try to make cookies starting today so it will be a test of the willpower. Maybe I’ll just jump back on the scale as I like seeing the few pounds I lost gone.

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We are done with week one following the Body for Life program!

One big difference with this plan and others I’ve followed in the past – getting used to the eating. What I mean is this – really, we need to get a lot of food during the day. Every plan I’ve ever tried I end up surprised at how much food one needs to consume. I thought this was going to make me lose weight, what’s up with the eating of everything in the kitchen! Of course then we find that we do lose weight on these plans.

The first couple of days I was stuffed. I was not hungry when it came time to eat again, but I did anyway. By Saturday I didn’t feel like I was starving when the few hours passed, but I knew a few hours had passed because I was slightly hungry. Not even hungry, I just knew it was time to eat again!

I did cheat once – I had one piece of chocolate with caramel inside. I wasn’t craving it but I was annoyed that I had to stick to the food plan, so I ate it. Afterward I realized that was not the smartest choice. I didn’t feel good that I ate it – I mean, I wasn’t feeling that “ohhhh chocolate….” feeling that we sometimes get. But doing it once made me realize I’m won’t have a hard time sticking to this.

The workouts were tough. Focusing on one thing each day almost made it harder! My arms were sore the day after focusing on upper body, legs after cardio and then legs still after lower body. But yesterday was a cardio day and I felt really good.

I try to not obsess on the numbers but I feel skinnier. And according to that pesky scale I lost four pounds. How awesome is that!

My friend and I are both ordering the Eating For Life book because it is full of recipes and the Body for Life website recipe search function isn’t that great.

Today is our cheat day! I had a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast and then pizza for lunch. I’m not even hungry. I mean I figured I’d want to eat junk food and chips and chocolate – and I don’t. Another friend said that was good but man, I really wanted to cheat today!

Tomorrow starts week two. Here’s to a couple more pounds down by this time next week!!

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We are at week 8!

Tape Measure
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I have lost 20 pounds! That was a couple of weeks ago when I was last able to jump on a scale (thanks Target for keeping your scales in a private area so I could check without other shoppers checking me out). I am still wearing my size smaller and the clothes are fitting me perfectly. I went shopping early last week to get a few things to wear when I went to see my husband. I discovered that when he was packing our things, he gave our elliptical machine to our neighbors. That did not make me happy but on the other hand it’s okay because I know they will put it to good use and now I can get a treadmill!

I just got back last night from Rhode Island where my husband was attending his school, graduation was last Friday. We did a lot of walking around and I tried to continue to eat well. We did do as much walking as I wish we did – it was mostly while we walked around town vs going for a walk once we got back to where we were staying.

I’m excited to keep this up! My next goal is to lose 15 pounds.

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I found out just a couple of hours ago that I have lost a pants size!

This has not totally sunk into my brain just yet. I ran to Target real quick with my brother and the kids (his and mine) with the intent of buying a couple of tv shows on dvd and looking for sandals for Alice. Of course they had nothing I went for and we walked out with flip flops, not sandals. I’m not that thrilled because we are around all boys – she and I are the only girls since my brother has all boys – and they are outside all the time. You can’t really play all day in flip flops. I’m sure they will be a wear when we go somewhere or when we are in the house kind of shoes.

Anyway, I grabbed a pair of pants to try on – a size smaller then I’ve been wearing – and tried them on real quick. And they fit. So thrilling!

I still haven’t been able to work out at the gym but I am going to start walking around more. My Dad has a large yard and I could go walking around that – the kids are still playing the walking game we came up with a few weeks ago and I’m sure they’d be happy to have a new one.

I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost as I haven’t been on a scale in a couple of weeks. I finally remembered how much I weighed when we left the south and since we have left in the middle December I’ve lost 17 pounds, as of that couple of weeks ago. I’m sure I lost a few more pounds since then and I look forward to going to the gym in a few days to verify that!

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I am very happy to say I have lost six pounds!

I had lost four, then went off the diet plan, then went back on it and a week after being on it I’m down six. Six from the start, not six plus four. That’s okay though, I am happy to have lost at all. I have been doing great following the meal plan though I did get a spring cold and plan on eating a few oranges to get some vitamin C in me.

Still no Y workout but that’s where I weighed myself and I really can’t want until I get back there. I miss it and would love to be able to get back every day.

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I am back on track. I took time last week to feel sorry for myself that I gained the weight back – but of course I was going to if I wasn’t exercising every day and also not eating that great. And I did give up trying to follow the diet plan I started.

Well today is a new week and I have a new plan. I am back on South Beach starting today. Even if I can’t get to the Y every day, I am going to exercise at home. I found a few exercises to do and I realize that if I don’t train to run, I won’t be able to do the graduation run. I meant to keep that a surprise for Chris but ended up telling him las week. He said if I run, cool, if not no biggie. I really wanted to run to surprise him so I know I should have not said anything.

Really my long term goal is not to become a runner. It is to lose weight. I know I eat healthy already so I am back to using my spark people page to keep track of calories – not to keep myself limited, but to ensure I am getting enough! I need to exercise to be able to lose weight and build muscle. It snowed yesterday and is supposed to until Wednesday so I don’t see us going for a walk – but maybe we will, the cold will give us incentive to move!

We don’t have a scale at home and I haven’t been to the Y since last week – I talked to my cousin who works at the Y and was told lots of kids are still being sent home sick, I really want to avoid that for my kids. I know I have not gained any more weight, but I haven’t lost anything either. I’m going to try to get to the Y so I can at least weigh myself and find out the number so that update will come later.

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I have felt discouraged since last week. I have no idea why since I have lost a few pounds and I was doing great working out every day. But I ended up skipping the Y three of five days last week – effectively only working out twice. Well three times if you count walking a mile here at Dad’s place. I made great time on that one because I was upset so I walked as fast as I could without running and burned that energy rather then acting out.

I weighed in today to find I have gained three pounds. I was very disappointed – for a few minutes. My pants are still loose (if not looser then last Monday) and maybe it’s muscle I’m gaining and fat I’m losing. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I had to force myself to go to the Y today. I just did not want to go at all and did not have any interest in working out, getting sweaty, none of it. Once there I did twenty minutes on the treadmill – a good, slow warm up, and then running for six minutes (yay one more then last time I ran!) and a good cool down. Today was also a strength training day and I had a good workout on the machines. Even though I stretched afterward, I feel a little bit sore this evening. That may be because I did two reps rather then just one after a long time since last doing any or because I didn’t play basketball like I was. After I was done I just wanted to get out of there so I skipped the sauna/steam room though I wanted to sit in one of them today.

Starting tomorrow I am cutting out bread from my diet. I had a hard time following South Beach simply because I was restricted and for some reason when I am told no you can’t have that – all of a sudden that’s what I want! I know I will lose weight following the plan but making up meals or a menu plan was too much for me to handle while thinking about working out and running and taking care of kids.

At least I am going back to workout out every day. I’m going to reevaluate next Monday because I know I am not eating poorly.

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