Have I mentioned that my jeans don’t fit? I’m walking around wearing either elastic shorts (it is SO hot here, shorts are all I want to wear!) or my jeans/capris with a rubber band holding them shut. I’m so glad I have long enough shirts! I think I’m going to buy more shorts as it is the summer time and I can buy maternity clothes later down the road.

I was just reading over at Blogging Away Fat about saving smaller sized clothes – huge eye opener for me! I still have clothes (mostly jeans or jean shorts) that I wore years ago. Years as in probably 7-8 years. Of course this was my in between college and getting married phase and I haven’t worn them since. Having a baby does that to you. I went from maternity clothes to a size bigger then I was in college. I’ve stayed that size – but kept the clothes.

I’ve long talked about going through my closet and getting rid of all of those clothes. When I joined LA at the beginning of the year I went through them again, separating them into the two sizes I have. Of course now it will be a little while before I can wear them so maybe it is the time to just get rid of them. I enjoy shopping, finding good deals, and though jean shorts won’t really be out of style, seeing the room in my closet would be more encouraging for my weight loss once I have the baby.

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