I have a two week follow up appointment tomorrow. I’m not nervous, I know the drs won’t be able to tell me everything and they might not even be able to tell me anything. We do have a handful of test results they should tell us.

I’m still kind of shocked about my dr calling hte other day. That I had to tell her that my baby died. I had to tell her. Me who doesn’t even feel like talking to my closest friends on the phone just yet had to tell my dr.

What kind of a system doesn’t even have the updated records in a timely manner? Or finds out if there may be more results before calling, considering the high risk situation?

Ah well, tomorrow I see my high risk drs who I must say are awesome. They are simply so great. Our patient care at the hospital was the best we have ever experienced, and we told everyone so. I don’t even have any questions for the drs, but I’m sure I will once they start telling the results.

3 Responses to “Follow Up Appt”
  1. Lisa says:

    I went through the same thing (kinda – no military doctors) when I miscarried.

    My advice to write down any questions you have before you get there. You will go blank. I hope you find some answers that help you get through this. When you are ready to talk about it, let me know if you want to talk. My heart goes out to you.

  2. Tishia Lee says:

    That is ridiculous that YOU had to tell your doctor! Man that would of totally ticked me off and I bet she felt horrible when YOU had to tell her! That’s what I call a serious lack of keeping up on their records!

    I need you to please check out my blog when you have a second or feel up to it – I have something for you :-) http://tishialee.com/podcastblog/2007/she-thinks-im-fabulous/

  3. Tsoniki says:

    Lisa, Yep I wrote down the questions and he answered them all! I have another appt next week.

    Thanks Tishia! I promise I’ll post my part soon! LOL