I’m home from getting my legs waxed. All I have to say is … ouch!

I thought the hair was supposed to be a quarter of an inch long so I haven’t shaved for two whole weeks, a few days past two weeks actually. But when I get there the girl says it is a bit long and it might hurt more then usual. “You’re pregnant? It might hurt more because of that too.” Oh goody.

The appointment took the whole 30 minutes and I think I’m 95% satisfied. She missed a small part on the back of one leg and there are stray hairs here and there. But I’m not comfortable laying on my stomach anymore so I couldn’t turn over to have her do the back so I suppose that’s expected.

She said that my hair will grow back faster this time around but after a while I’ll probably be able to just come in once a month. That made me think – do I really want to invest in this? I have no problem paying for my hair to get done every six weeks or so (that comes with having short hair!) but will waxing be worth it? The hair still has to grow out to the 1/8 of an inch-ish, so I’m not sure. She did say that once I get started waxing I should stick to it, or you just have to start back over again.

As far as pain, yeah it did hurt. It stung and then for about 45-60 minutes my legs tingled. Actually they are still kind of tingly and it’s been two hours. The pain really wasn’t that bad but I also think I have a slightly higher tolerance for pain too, so don’t take my word for it. ;)

2 Responses to “Legs Waxed Update”
  1. Tishia says:

    Ok I won’t take your word for it – LOL! I don’t have a very good pain tolerance and if I can barely stand 5-10 minutes of having my eyebrows waxed then I certainly KNOW leg waxing would be way to tortous for me! At least you went through with it – I totally would of chickened out the morning of my appointment and canceled!

  2. Tsoniki says:

    It hurt and I admit at one point non violent me thought “I’m going to punch this girl” Hahahahaha