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I did so great all day today – until about 9:30PM. Then I went downstairs to get a glass of orange juice and for some reason opened the pantry. Where the kids halloween candy is stashed. And I grabbed a couple of pieces.

I have got to quit! I can’t go all day doing great and feeling good about being back on track only to mess up in the evenings. I’ve been drinking a lot of water but maybe I should just get water instead of grabbing a candy bar. The chips are all gone and we have no popcorn (my usual vice).

I did exercise via finishing painting the bathroom so I suppose that counts as burning calories and I’ll be forgiven. I just want to lose 17 pounds – what I had lost this past spring. I think I gained back 14 so okay I’ll be happy to just lose the 14. I felt better then – and after that I can set a new goal.

Here is to a new day tomorrow – and another glass of water.

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