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You know it is easy to get seafood if you live on the coast, but I always wonder what other foods are popular in various areas. I ask because tonight we went to CiCi’s Pizza, which I just read on the website is a southeastern establishment.

It is a buffet style pizza place – they have salad, pizza and then dessert. They have more then pepperoni or cheese pizza too – I had a slice of spinach and though I ate the whole slice, it was just okay. I’m not really a spinach kind of person but this little girl in front of me declared it was the best so I had to try. But they also have mac and cheese pizza (totally weird I think), barbeque and some kind of chicken one.
And of course pizza has a large portion of bread but the desserts – yeah also made up of bread. One was an apple crisp on top of a pizza dough, another was cinnamon bun, another was basically breadsticks with loads of frosting – and I mean loads.

We all know you aren’t supposed to eat *that* much bread, especially in one sitting. LA Weight Loss considers that a starch and for slices of bread I can have two a day, but not at the same time (sticking to the plan I mean).  I know that other pizza places have multiple things using bread – cinnamon sticks for one – but for some reason seeing everything all in a row like that made me realize people don’t think about the amount of bread they are eating.

I’m thinking I may eat other starches this week to make up for eating pizza and pizza bread stuff for dessert tonight. Even if the apple crisp one was soooo good.

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