This may to TMI for some people, but what the heck. Knowledge is power. :D

Those of us who had the pleasure of relying on an IUD for birth control, may have experienced the side effect of never having your time* each month. I was one of those. During the three plus years I had an IUD, I may have only had my time once a year. It was very odd at first but something you get used to – and then start to take for granted.

A couple of weeks ago when my time was here, I was left with little in the house to actually use. This meant a shopping trip for various female necessities – necessities I hadn’t shopped for in years. So I take the kids to Target and end up standing in the aisle for at least five minutes ~ I had no idea what to buy! The packaging has all changed and everything has new names. Finally I just had to pick something as I knew I was standing there for way too long.

Lesson to everyone – be prepared! Especially if you used a birth control that stopped such things!

*Disclaimer – I’ve never liked calling a woman’s time of the month a ‘period’ – I don’t know why, it just irritates me. I also don’t like listening to other women complain about their time – yes cramps suck but your time is a gift, you get to create life. I’m not an airy fairy kind of person, but it is just the truth. Women are powerful people and yet we pick to complain about it. I’ve also heard it called your moon, which I switch with ‘time’ often enough.

2 Responses to “It’s That Time Again”
  1. Tishia Lee says:

    LOL! I’ve been purchasing those things for years but I still find myself standing in the aisle for too long because there is just too many options to choose from!

  2. Tsoniki says:

    It is such a funny story I’ve been telling everyone about it. LOL