I haven’t been eating that well. Today I had a granola bar for breakfast, chex mix for lunch and veggies, ranch dressing and croutons for dinner. Sort of a salad but no lettuce or spinach, we have great tasting spinach but I just haven’t been interested. I decided that starting tomorrow I am going to try to get back on my LA food plan – obviously modified. It is a great plan but I don’t think enough calories for a pregnant mom. If the 16 lbs I’ve lost are compared to now – I’ve really only lost 6 lbs. That isn’t cool. I didn’t want to have gained that much already! Of course 4 lbs of that 16 are what I lost because of just not eating a few days before officially finding out we were expecting, I knew I’d gain that back. That just means I gained six pounds in two months! I just can’t go on gaining that way. I know I need to eat well for myself and for the baby.

How are you doing? Eating well, exercising? I’m planning on going to the Y tomorrow and again on Friday. Chris has the day off on Friday and the kids will be in gymnastics camp so we will go to the Y without them. I know they will be upset about that because they love the childcare center.

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